Great ideas are nothing without a man or woman with a will.

Press Release   •   Oct 13, 2016 10:46 IST

History is full of men with ideas but with no will.

Lalit Modi is the genius who not only invented the Indian Premier League but also had loads of willpower to pull off the league.

IPL was not just about cricket, but about something more than that, it was about innovation. It is spectacular because it merges game and spectator beautifully thereby presenting a product for the new, young India.

Every Indian in the country and around the world along with other fans celebrates every night of the IPL. Everyone cares about tension and excitement that must ideally culminate in an climatic final over.

IPL is about entertainment.

Lalit Modi's impact on Indian psyche, life and cricket can never be underestimated. We must therefore recognise the impact his IPL has made. The supplementary benefits have been breathtaking. It has revived the sport in general, given a second lease of life for state associations in India, some international boards, some domestic players and more importantly provided a ready source of income for many.

Imagine only if this product had come much earlier entertainers like Kapil Dev, Ian Botham, Viv Richards among others would have been IPL superstars too.

IPL has rescued Indian cricket too bringing not just the money muscle but also some fine talents.

IPL is now part of Indian cricket folklore. We all celebrate it much like we do when festivals come around.

When a man with mission, vision and passion is around anything is possible. Lalit Modi was this and much more. He had the foresight of looking 10 years hence because he realised that the sport of cricket was sinking. Now, when we see cricket being taken to remote corners of Rajasthan with mobile pitches.

It shows a man with a plan and an ability to think out of the box. How can such a man be kept away from being the main administrator to bring Indian cricket out of the abyss that it finds itsef now?

For Indian cricket to be rescued and to be taken to the next level, it is essential that Lalit Modi or LaMo is brought back right away. Hand him the control of the BCCI, for he will empower people. He was responsible for bringing in professional managers to take control of the IPL. Now, we need something similar for Indian cricket at all levels.

Indian cricket today, Indian sport tomorrow? Yes, quite possibly. Come back soon!

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