Green Logistics Gaining Impetus in India

Press release   •   May 03, 2012 11:46 IST

Green logistics is a form of logistics, which is considered to be environment-friendly in addition to being economically functional. Logistics comprises a vital link in the current transportation system. They have enhanced the cost efficiency and consistency aspects of delivery system constituting the end party of supply chain. The concern for the green logistics has gained fast momentum over the past few years. In the present scenario, many international and domestic industry players are opting for ways to reduce green house gas emissions, according to a recent research report by RNCOS, “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”.

Although, in India, the 3PL market remains at a comparatively developmental stage, with multinational companies from every stream of industries being the most important users of these services. Nevertheless, big domestic companies in the most important industry sectors have also begun following the route of their multinational counterparts and have started outsourcing their basic logistics functions. The market is anticipated to witness a CAGR of around 27% during 2012-2014, harvesting total revenue of nearly US$ 5.8 Billion by 2014.

Further, the utilization of 3PL services in India is mainly led by automobile (including auto components) and retail industry. These two industries are more active in terms of utilization of 3PL services compared to other industries, such as apparel, FMCG, IT hardware, and consumer electronics. In fact, Indian market is full of opportunities compared to developed markets, because of the infrastructural development, such as ports, highways, bridges as well as increasing connectivity and rising significance of logistic services in the country.

Our latest industry research titled, “3rd Party Logistics Market in India”, acquaints clients with the current scenario of the Indian 3PL market. The segment-wise market potential of the 3PL services facilitates a better analysis of the penetration level of latest logistic services across different industries in India. Our report also discusses about each and every factors contributing to the rising attractiveness of the Indian 3PL market together with a brief overview and a section on recent developments of the key industry players.

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