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GreenITDisposal Offers Complete Eco-Friendly Disposal Services For Electronic Wastes

Press release   •   Mar 20, 2012 10:32 IST

As the craze for an environment-conscious disposal method has erupted in the mass, millions of disposal companies have brought forth their services for easy disposal. But, it takes only an hour of inspection to find potential faults in the process of disposition employed by these companies. While the techniques of most of the companies have proven to be fallacious, GreenITDiposal has come out clean with flying colors. Offering premium computer recycling services, the company does justice to its name.

Green as it states, the firm offers completely bio and eco-friendly solutions to the voluminous decrepit wastes that are generated from the global IT sector, annually. boosts immensely of their free of cost services. This is perhaps the greatest highlight of the site, next to its green disposal system that has earned it a large body of happy clients. Totally flexible, the IT disposal services are provided to the seekers at the cost of no material payment. The company, as per its policy, collects the unwanted craps and transports them out to a specific location.

There, the wastes are processed scientifically in their company laboratory. During processing, the reusable and obsolete parts are sorted out by the technicians. The parts that are usable after a repair are kept aside for reselling, while the junk half is sent out for disposal. The company maintains reduction of CO2 and other toxic emission so that the disposal service does not cast an unhealthy impact on the surroundings. Computer recycling solutions offered by GreenITDisposal come accompanied by an itemized billing of all the assets disposed. Thus, the entrepreneurs can have a record of all the stuffs that have been dumped and replace them promptly with new ones.

Secondarily, the company ensures full privacy of the clients by securely deleting all the data stored in the computer systems. Sensitization of all the delicate company data is done so that it does not fall in the wrong hands.

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Our service varies from simple collection to full server room and office IT dismantling.