Growing Paint Industry to Drive Pigment Demand

Press Release   •   Oct 31, 2012 15:22 IST

Pigments, the raw materials used in paint manufacturing are a small industry in India. The sector is dominated by unorganized players with only few organized players operating in the industry. However, with a better product range, technology and marketing reach, the organized sector has been able to increase its market share. Due to increasing demand of organic pigments in this industry, India has grown significantly as a substantial producer and exporter of the same. In fact, India is amongst the largest sources of colored organic pigments.

As paint industry constitutes a major chunk of pigments consumption, the growing paint market is expected to intensify the demand of pigments in India. Further, according to a recent report by RNCOS, “Indian Paint Industry Forecast to 2015”, the pigment market is expected to witness CAGR growth of 15% during FY 2012-2015. There are also niche markets in India for special effect pigments, such as metallic and pearlescent. These pigments are usually imported into the Indian market. With the increasing demand of premium paints, these pigments are also expected to see increasing demand.

Our report, “Indian Paint Industry Forecast to 2015”, is also an outcome of widespread research and objective analysis of paint market potentials in India. It provides extensive information and rational analysis on the emerging market trends and drivers along with regulatory initiatives, which are collectively uplifting the industry outlook of India. Additionally, the report also provides insights on paint export and import market, raw material segment analysis, along with a brief overview of the prominent industry players to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry. Overall, our report presents a comprehensive and complete and analysis of the Indian paint industry, which will prove decisive for intending clients.

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