Growing Preference of Dual Sim Card Phones

Press Release   •   Oct 28, 2010 16:50 IST

The ordinary cell phones with a single card have become obsolete among the younger generation. Today cell phones have evolved and have been upgraded with the latest features including dual sim card. Earlier a single sim card was used but now mobile phones are more than just gadgets used for communication.

Dual Sim Card- Latest Version of Mobiles

The invention of the dual sim card mobiles is indeed a breakthrough in the history of mankind. It has helped to broaden the aspect of communicating with different people at the same time. Communication is no longer limited to a single connection or a service provider.

Many reasons can be attributed to the fact of the growing popularity and usage of dual sim card mobiles. These phones are not mere fascinating gadgets flaunted by youngsters but useful in many ways to people of all ages. Let us examine some of the interesting facts regarding these mobiles

Saves the expense of two phones and better connectivity: By using dual sim card, the requirement of two mobiles is ruled out. Moreover, you can enjoy better connectivity with two sim cards provided by two different telecom service providers.

Easy to carry and beneficial during foreign trips: With the advent of twin sim cards, there is hardly any need for a separate mobile phone. It is also highly beneficial during international trips as you can attend calls from anywhere in the world without paying the roaming charges.

A single phone serves multiple purposes: You can easily attend calls and send messages simultaneously with two different mobile numbers using a single phone. It does not require an adaptor or a separate battery.

Segregate your personal and professional life: With dual sim card, you can maintain one sim card for your personal purposes where as the other for professional. This way you can attend two calls at the same time and save time and money.

A Multifaceted Gadget

It is quite true that mobiles have become a necessity in the fast paced life of today. It helps to communicate in a better and faster way. The invention of dual sim card phones shows that technology has soared to new and greater levels. These phones are inbuilt with many additional features like video recording and chatting, built in camera, MP3, FM, Internet connectivity, online games, Bluetooth and WiFi.

The dual sim card buyers can approach the online stores for a plethora of different types of phones with latest technologies. Some of the companies that launch these phones are MicroMax, Samsung, Spice and Nokia. The latest phones which support double sim cards have some of the most attractive features like HD touch screen, increased battery backup, sleek and slim design, shake the mobile feature to change songs and wallpapers and so forth.

Many of the online stores offer attractive discounts during festivals on the dual sim card mobiles. Choose an online store and browse for cell phones that are ingrained with amazing features that can uncomplicated your life and make it easier.

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