Growing Significance of Biodegradable Plastics

Press Release   •   Jun 20, 2013 16:27 IST

Biodegradable plastic is gaining immense popularity as it is both eco-friendly and safe for the environment. It decomposes naturally as it is made of renewable raw materials. With the rising use of plastic products in our daily lives, there has been a substantial increase in pollution as plastic bags and products that end up in landfills in large amounts. These plastic waste products seldom degrade and as a result it remains in the landfills for many decades.

Ordinary Plastic- Threat to the Environment:

Today many countries have invented degradable plastic bags and products which can be recycled easily. Environment friendly plastic bags are manufactured by various companies these days. It is quite impossible to live without the use of plastic products as it has become an indispensable part of our daily lives. Although these products are durable and cheap, it pollutes the environment. According to recent studies, more than a billion plastic bags are dumped in landfills in every country in a year.

Ordinary plastic bags and products require more than hundreds of years to degrade. Meanwhile it can cause serious harm to life of animals if it is ingested. Burning of bags and bottles causes green house gas emissions and pollution which can harm human life. The poisonous gases emitted from burning these bags causes various health issues such as respiratory diseases and allergies.

Importance of Biodegradable Plastics:

It is quite difficult to ignore the importance and uses of plastics. Scientists discovered a new way to utilize the usability of plastics without the harmful effects. Biodegradable plastic is the result of intensive research as it offers the usability and the efficiency of these products without the harmful effects of pollution. These products can be renewed and recycled as it is made of degradable raw materials.

Moreover, it is cost effective compared to the other types of substitutes. It is one of the main reasons for its increased usage and popularity. These types of degradable plastic are used for a wide variety of materials such as bottles, plates and glasses. It is also easy to find renewable plastic bags in many of the stores these days. Today people are concerned about the safety of the environment and prefer to use eco-friendly products as it seldom harms the living atmosphere.

It is quite easy to degrade these types of bags as it is naturally decomposed with the help of oxygen, light or heat. As it is one of the best methods to counter the harmful effects of ordinary plastic bags and products, many companies have begun to manufacture these bags and products at affordable price rates.

Some countries introduced the use of paper bags to negate the harmful effects of plastic bags. But, the use of paper bags further aggravated cutting of trees to make paper bags. This will create more pollution and harm the environment in many ways. The use of renewable plastic bags and items is the only plausible option which can help to reduce pollution and take advantage of the beneficial features of plastic.

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