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Growing Usage of Solar Water Heaters

Press Release   •   Oct 07, 2010 18:00 IST

The use of solar heater has gained immense popularity in the recent years. These water heaters which use solar energy to heat water help to conserve energy. It is efficient and heats water at a fast pace. Solar water heater is used in many homes today instead of electrical water heaters.

Reasons why solar water heater is preferred

Solar water heater is preferred by many people because it helps to cut costs and saves energy. It uses solar energy to produce hot water in a few minutes. The energy from the sun is captured by the panels installed in the water heaters and it is further transferred to the batteries which help to heat the water. This way energy is recycled and made use of in an effective way.

There are many advantages of using solar water heater. You can also install them in your home easily. It is easy to build these water heaters too. Installing these water heaters is less expensive compared to other water heaters. As these water heaters work by converting the sun’s energy to heat water, it is also considered eco-friendly.

Another advantage of using these heaters is that it heats water faster and for free compared to the electrical water heaters. The electrical heaters consume a lot of power and increased usage leads to additional electricity bills. Moreover, water cannot be heated when there is no power. But in the case of solar water heater, no electric power is required for heating water.

The use of these heaters create a pollution free environment as it does not make use of gas, coal or other sources to heat water. Water heaters using solar power is quiet expensive nowadays as more and more people have begun to understand the benefits of using it.

These water heaters have its disadvantages too but it is negligible compared to its advantages. There are a wide number of solar water heater manufacturers listed in the b2b markets.

Different Varieties of Solar Water Heater

There are mainly two types of water heaters powered by solar energy. The active and the passive systems are the two types of water heating systems which are commonly used. The active systems are also known as the pumped systems and the passive systems are known as the compact systems.

Both these varieties of water heaters have their own specifications and features. The compact systems are more durable and easy to maintain. The active systems are water heaters used in mild climates. The pumped systems are further divided into direct, indirect and drainback systems.  Where as the passive system or the compact system is divided into the convection heat storage system, integrated collector storage system and the thermo siphon system.

The solar water heater requires only the initial cost of installation with no other further costs for the number of usages. These water heaters require a storage tank, thermal panels and pipelines attached to it. Due to its advanced features and cost cutting techniques it is used in many homes for heating water.

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