Guide Your Children To Allah's Path With Islamic Books And Games

Press Release   •   Aug 20, 2013 10:38 IST

Goodword Books is a renowned books store which is mostly known for its Islamic books and Islamic Board games in India.  The store procures its books from renowned writers and publishing houses which compose the books in a very interesting and fun filled manner for children.

Various books stores sell these types of Islamic books and Islamic Games for children. The following are the categories of books And games available at Goodword Books, a renowned bookstores in India:

The Hadith Challenge Game: this is an Islamic Games which is based on the sayings of Prophet Mohammad. The game contains questions related to prophet's sayings which children have to complete. This games provides the children with a fun filled experience of learning about prophet Mohammad. Children can play this game with their friends, family or at school.

Quran Challenge Game: the game is based on the Holy Quran which contains various questions related to the incidents mentioned in the Quran. This game not only educates the Children about the Quran but also serves as a pass time entertainment which involves intellectual thinking.

Junior Quran Challenge Game: this is a Quran based game which is meant for a smaller age group containing interestingly composed questions which would stimulate the children in not losing interest.

Goodword Fun Pack (gift Box): this is a very interesting Islamic educational item which has lots of books which would stimulate the reading, listening and speaking skills of children. From young to older children, these books can be used by any one for learning the Islamic values.

Goodword Quran Stories Gift Box: this is a gift pack which contains six books containing adventurous stories, prayers, teachings from the Quran. The book pack is definitely a must for growing Muslim children.

My Quran Friends Gift Box: this is a gift box which has two books containing Islamic teachings in simplified and informative manner. The books contain pictorial representation of the historical events of the Islamic history which would be very interesting for children to read.
Tell Me About The Prophet Mohammad: The book is based on the life of prophet Mohammad. The stories from his childhood and the divine mission on which he went on be to finally preached in Mecca are mentioned in the book.

All these books, games and  many more educational items are available at Islamic Books Online Stores also where you have the choice of selecting the right kind of books for your ward to teach him/her about the Muslim Culture and the Quran.

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