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Press Release   •   Jul 16, 2012 14:56 IST

Cosmetic Dermatology India provides Hair Loss Treatment services in India. It also provides products to combat hair loss, thinning hair and related problems, such as dandruff, scalp scaling conditions, scalp itching treatments in both men and women. Hair loss is one of life's little fears: it won't harm you, but it won't do anything good for you. In the human body, hair is everywhere on the skin apart from the soles of the feet and the palms of our hands, however several hairs are so fine that they're almost invisible. Hair grows with the help of protein called keratin that is generated in hair follicles in the outward layer of skin. As follicles generate new hair cells, old cells are being moved quickly through the overhead of the skin at the pace of about six inches a year.

The growing or active phase of the hair is Anagen. The second phase is Catagen, which is a passably short phase of the hair cycle. During this phase, hairs start to break down. And, the last stage is Telogen phase. All the hairs that are breaking down are often in the late phase of the hair cycle. Usually, about 10% of the human hairs are in the resting phase. These hairs are in the resting phase and are getting ready for the shedding. At Hair Care Clinic India you find all solutions easily.

Worthily, various health conditions, encompassing iron deficiency anemia and thyroid disease, can be the reason of hair damage. With the help of thyroid blood tests and other laboratory tests, people can know the underlying causes of sudden or severe hair loss. In case, you are having some other health issues, you may begin by asking your family internist, physician or gynecologist for basic medical screening. But, the perfect person for this is a Dermatologist, who has gained specialization in problems of skin, hair, and nails and can offer more advanced treatment of hair breaking down and loss.

At Cosmetic Dermatology India, we are widely acknowledged in India and have set paramount standards in terms of quality of Hair Loss Treatment India and Hair Care Treatment India. Being a trusted Hair Care Clinic India, we are providing world class treatments using advanced techniques. We have an up-to-date center, which aids us in rising the beauty of our clients by treating with world class treatments. We keep in mind the problems of customers more significant than any other work and for this, our center offers them the most suitable ways to enhance their beauty. Our experienced team of professionals works hard for providing the treatments that affect the everyday life of our patients.

There are several causes of the breakdown of hair, and they do differ in women and men. With the help of this article, we only cover the common ones. According to the reports, it has been proved that breaking down to 100-150 hairs per day is normal. Generally, human hair grows in 3 phases: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

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