Higher Demand Boosting Cement Prices in Western Region

Press Release   •   Aug 13, 2012 17:16 IST

India’s cement industry is one of the largest in the world. In-line with the country’s economic growth, the cement industry is witnessing boom. Growth in cement industry in India is backed by strong demand from retail, housing and infrastructure sectors. According to a new research by RNCOS, “Indian Cement Industry Outlook 2015”, cement demand in western India is increasing at a rapid pace, inflating the cement prices in the region.

The demand is primarily led by Gujarat and Maharashtra, which witnessed a significant growth in construction activity during the first few months of 2012. Housing and infrastructure developments are driving the cement demand in the region, resulting in higher cement prices. In addition, poor availability of railway wagons and production cuts are also responsible for this hike. Hike in freight charges by Indian railways is also one of the main reasons for price rise as cement players are passing the increased cost to the end consumer. Apart from the western region, other regions are also witnessing sharp increase in cement prices recently due to heightened building activities and infrastructure developments. Overall, pan-India prices witnessed considerable growth recently.

Apart from pricing analysis, our report provides in-depth analysis of demand in the Indian cement industry. It also provides forecast of cement-installed capacity, production and consumption till 2014-15. For complete understanding of the market, we have studied government regulations, export & import scenario, cost analysis of the industry and competitive landscape including major industry players, such as UltraTech Cement Limited, ACC Ltd., Ambuja Cements Ltd. and Jaiprakash Associates Limited. Overall, the report provides complete overview of the market which can help clients to frame their strategies accordingly.

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