Higher Margins & Massive Demand Boost Automatic Corrugated Boxes

Press release   •   Apr 30, 2013 12:31 IST

The Indian corrugated box industry, which initially was completely unorganized, comprising thousands of small players, has taken a U-turn with many new automatic lines turning up. The transition is due to numerous benefits of automatic production lines above the manual techniques such as quality consistency, high profit margins, low operational costs among others. RNCOS rigorous study on the Indian corrugated box industry predicts that the market shall grow at a healthy CAGR of around 15% during the forecast period, 2012-2017.

The market intelligence report studies all facets of corrugated box industry in the country focussing the advantages of automatic box production over the traditional manual and semi-automatic techniques. To precisely understand the pros and cons of modern production, practical insights of various small and large players have been obtained. Moreover, comprehensive profiles of automatic box producers have been incorporated in the rsearch report to better assess the competition.

The latest research report by RNCOS titled, “Corrugated Boxes Market in India”, spread across 30 pages unfolds the market dynamics of corrugated box industry in India with major focus on the transitional scenario towards automatic corrugated boxes. The report describes in detail the market size of corrugated boxes, market segmentation by large-small players, organized-unorganized market and an estimated regional distribution of players. Major drivers and trends have been identified that will act as catalyst to boost the industry growth besides underpinning restraints on the way of industry growth. Apart from market players profiles, vital insights of consumer industries as well as apex industry associations have been obtained and considered while presenting the current and expected future industry outlook.

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