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How Do You Define A Good Job In The Informal Sector?

Press Release   •   Oct 21, 2016 08:56 IST

Getting a job that pays you fairly well has always been an uphill task. But when you belong to a blue collar sector, things can become infinitely difficult. Very often you will get a job where you would have to settle for much less than you expect or even deserve, in this particular sector.

It is believed that a college degree can help in finding a job that pays your bills. However, but is it the only way to ensure a financial footing?

It’s 2016 and India’s informal job sector is already coming of age by offering better income generating sources for the profiles of technical jobs such as of electrician, machinist, or an IT professional;management jobs such as clinical staff, security, delivery staff, peon; and skill-based jobs such as ofaccountant, sales & marketing, beautician, and tailoring. The same uphill task has now become easier with blue-collar jobs search portals available online these days. Just Jobs is narrowing the demand-supply gap of skilled labor by making opportunities available for them at the ease of one-click applications.

Now that the scenarios are changing, what would a good informal sector job be like? One that pays you well based on your skills? Or one that enhances your skills along with your compensation? Or…?

Here are some of the major characteristics of a ‘good informal sector’ job:

One that adds value to your skills: While you’re looking for a chance to utilize your current skill-set, ensure that each job opportunity you take up increases your vocational skills. Also, ensure that you procure no less than one valuable aptitude with each informal sector job so that you can brag about significant abilities and experiences in next job.

One that offers variety: Before you set your eyes on a high paying job position, it is essential that you have had an essence of numerous skills and responsibilities out there. Before you choose your specialized field, ensure that you try out different things. This makes you available for a wide range of opportunities and professions. Sign up for Just Jobs (https://www.just.jobs/) as job seekers and get a vast range of job opportunities to look through. All things considered, Just Jobs also has a job filter search option where you can choose preferred fields and experience to let the portal match your skills with available opportunities.

One that pushes you out of your comfort zone:Taking risks is very important. Obviously, this doesn’t imply that you become indifferent and take up or quit jobs as per your impulse. But if you feel something is worth a try while requiring you to put extra efforts, you must go for it. This could be another organization or another field of job. You may not know where it will lead so grab it with open arms. At last, the way to achievement is taking risks. If you don’t succeed, the fact that you tried for a great opportunity will not let you fail.

One that prepares you for a brighter future:As you take up new challenges and procure an assortment of skills, you will come closer to a) your expertise and b) your capability. When you have a considerable knowledge of both, you are able to search for jobs that match your abilities and inclinations. An ideal approach to advance in your profession way is to approach it slowly and carefully.

At Just Jobs, our priority is to get you a worthy opportunity. Our smart search job portal is always looking for skill-sets and opportunities from job seekers and employers, respectively. Upon realizing your expertise and demand of job, the portal success in listing employment opportunities. Just Jobs is helpful in many ways: securing a job, finding better and bigger opportunities, matching employments with a preference of location, experience, role, and much more.

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