How To Get Superior Quality Culture Media?

Press release   •   May 20, 2014 16:30 IST

May 20, 2014 Tuesday: For the superior quality dehydrated culture media you can rely only on Central Drug House Pvt. Ltd. Culture media is one of the prime developments in the field of microbiology. It uses as a solid culture media in which bacteria would grow. Bacteria must meet certain requirements of nutritional for accurate growth. A preparation of nutritional material for the cultivation of microorganisms in a lab is known a Microbiological Culture Media, and the microbes that grow and multiply in or on a culture medium are referred to as a Culture.

Over the years various kinds of nutrient media were cultivated for the growth of bacteria. These can be widely categorized as Semisolid Media, Agar Media & Broth Media. CDH is one of the branded manufacturers and supplier for the microbiological culture media, plant tissue culture media and dehydrated culture media. We offer a huge range of standard media, media formulations & consumer specified media in dehydrated form. We supply a variety of culture media for use in different fields. It also consists of specified media by many pharmacopoeias prescribed for different uses such as microbial limit tests, sterility testing, etc.

At CDH, you will get a complete option of lab manufacturers and supplies including industrial and clinical culture media, stains, rapid test kits,  reagents, molecular biology media, dehydrated culture media, animal blood products,  buffers, anaerobic gas, antisera, reagents,  proficiency testing programs, generators, dilution vials, susceptibility disks, QC microorganisms,  immunology kits, pathogen detection kits, agar based prepared media, Petri plates, broths, parasitology, chromogenic media, incubators, mastitis media, mycology supplies, custom media formulations, environmental monitoring supplies and much more!

Our media, microorganisms and pharmaceutical products are manufactured in compliance with the high quality of medicines. We offer various safety and health benefits. We have a broad spectrum of culture media in a dry or powder form. Our dry products come in a powder form that have an excellent free-flowing properties and solubility capabilities make them much simpler to use as compared of traditional media. Our quality control methods for dehydrated culture media indicates the excellence and premium quality of products.

About Us: We are the provider of a variety of culture media, pharmaceutical products and microorganisms and our name is Central Drug House Pvt. Ltd. (CDH). Our aim is to provide superior quality biological products for the medical and clinical purpose. You can call us for ordering the product or you can place your order from our website.  

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