How To Install Glass Brick Windows And Uses

Press Release   •   Oct 17, 2012 15:40 IST

Many architectural elements made of different materials have gained popularity. While some of them offer great aesthetic appeal, others are known for offering high functionality levels. Glass bricks are among those elements that offer the perfect blend of style and functionality. This is the reason for their increasing use in installing glass shower enclosures and glass windows.

Also known as glass blocks, they offer a number of advantages that the homeowners love to have. Experts can be hired to install glass blocks windows, though many people prefer to do it themselves. Contrary to the belief that installing them is a difficult job, the procedure is fairly simple and enjoyable. Here are some sections providing more information about these elements.


There is no limit to the designs in which glass bricks are manufactured all over the world. Not many people known that their use began as yearly as 1900s. Today, the manufacturers supply them in a number of different shapes, sizes and colors. These beautiful blocks are also available according to different obscurity ratings. Depending on the space of installation and level of privacy, the homeowners can conveniently purchase them.


Blocks made of glass easily leave the traditional clay blocks or bricks far behind in the race. The very first advantage is that glass bricks are energy saving. Because of their vacuum sealed designs, these bricks offer greater degree of insulation. The second advantage is that these blocks allow the entry of natural light. Traditional brick enclosures make the overall environment dull and dark. Bricks made of glass render an aesthetic appeal which makes the area lively.

The homeowners can achieve desired privacy with glass block windows, without compromising with the natural light. Another advantage is that these blocks can be availed in different varieties offering resistance to harsh weather conditions. They are also counted among the safest materials for offering resistance to fire and vandalism. Bullet resistant glass bricks are also manufactured in various countries.

Installation Tips:

The first important step of installing a glass block window is to have the correct measurements. This will help in obtaining these bricks in correct dimensions. The next step is to prepare the wooden frame for installation and make it resistant to waterproof using moisture proof papers. This should be followed by mixing of glass block mortar according to the manufacturer’s instructions and as per the need.

Start by applying the mortar to the base, ensuring that it is evenly spread. Apply mortar to the vertical side of the first block and fix it on the mortar spread. Keep on fixing the consecutive glass bricks by applying mortar on the vertical side of each. The excess of mortar would be squeezed out and should be removed carefully. The next step would be to place and fix a reinforcing bar and an L-shaped metal strap before starting the second row of blocks. The blocks must be leveled, aligned and consistently spaced and this should be ensured for each row. Do not disturb the installation for the next 48 hours, before the glass brick window becomes a wonderful part of the house.

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