How to Prevent and Treat High Cholesterol Problems ?

Press Release   •   Jul 05, 2013 16:45 IST

Millions of peoples in the world take cholesterol care medicines to help lower their cholesterol. cholesterol care medicines have a great trail record for decrease cholesterol and serving heart disease patients live longer. Typically, eating healthy and physical exercise on a regular basis are the two most necessary factors needed to keep cholesterol levels within normal range. Many cholesterol-lowering medicines are presently in the market like ZETIA, Omega, CRESTOR and each of these medications lower cholesterol levels in various ways. These drugs can have serious side effects and therefore it is important that you discuss treatment options with your doctor.

Lowering bad cholesterol can reduce risk of a heart attack or stroke. A number of lifestyle changes can help improve cholesterol level. However, if these lifestyle changes don't help after about 6 months to 1 year, your doctor may suggest medicine to lower your cholesterol.

Lifestyle Changes:
Even if you take cholesterol care drugs, it's important to keep up with your lifestyle changes. Eating a healthy diet and being bodily active can make your medicament more impressive. These factors may be controlled by:
eating a heart-healthy diet
avoid oily food
enjoying at least 150 minutes a week moderate-intensity aerobic physical activity, and more than two days a week muscle strengthening activities, and
avoiding tobacco smoke.

Side Effects of Cholesterol Drugs-
Cholesterol-lowering drugs could be tied to more muscle pain
damage nerves system.
increase your risk for diabetes
memory and thinking problems
dual personality(mood) changes

Keeping your cholesterol levels healthy is essential to living a long life.

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