HTC best Hands free options in market

Press Release   •   Aug 31, 2012 12:38 IST

Hands free are the accessories required to attend calls, change music tracks, change FM channels without any requirement of touching the phone. We often fall in trouble when we try to attend calls or change music tracks while doing something else and when our hands are busy. However one could easily avoid this trouble by simply using hands free options available in the market today. HTC, one of the most famous smart phone brands is also among the top hands free accessories manufacturer and has already launched some great hands free options in the market. HTC offers two types of hands free solutions for its loyal customers. First is wired HTC hands free headset and second option is Bluetooth hands free wireless headset.

HTC handsfree headset:-

HTC recently launched a handsfree headset which supports HTC touch, Touch diamond, Fuze, Touch Pro, G1, Shadow, XV6800, Dash, PPC-6800 and S620 Excalibur. This HTC hands free option is a great device which offers crystal clear voice calling experience, is great for listening music with superior sound quality and is available in the market at very affordable price approximately $5.60. This HTC hands free headset allows you to listen music in stereo and with the help of these headset one can easily talk over the phone without any requirement of even touching the phone as it comes with a dedicated button which allows you to pick up calls, end call, change tracks if music is on in the background, change FM channels and many such facilities. It comes with a 3 foot cord and has comfortable for ears, ear buds which makes it one of the best hands free solution for HTC.

HTC BH M400 Bluetooth hands free headset:-

As driving and talking over the phone are strictly prohibited in many countries around the world, HTC has come with a safe and unique solution. The HTC BH M400 is a quality Bluetooth headset and a perfect hands free solution (completely wireless) which can be used while driving and is one of the safest and approved solution. The headset sits in your ears and one control volume, pickup and end calls, change music tracks and can do a lot more with this headset on. It is the safest option if you are a person who can’t miscalls even while driving. It allows you to talk and answer calls and a person in conversations do not need to touch the phone as all functions related to call can be controlled from the headset. The device is powered by a small battery which provides 200 hours of standby time and 8 hours of talk time as it works with Bluetooth v2. 1 technology. Installation of this device is easy and one can easily pair it with HTC smart phone.

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