HTC Bluetooth headset mobile phone accessories to enhance your HTC experience

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2012 10:56 IST

If you're someone who regularly finds them driving, or cycling, or skiing, or cooking, or cleaning, or doing anything - for that matter - which requires your hands and at least a portion of your concentration, then you'll know the value of a Bluetooth headset. But in the more energetic of the aforementioned pursuits, you'll find that a regular old one-eared headset won't do. They fall out. The last thing you want that little bit of expensive plastic to do is fall out.

Hands free is an equipment that can be used without the use of hands or, in a wider sense, equipment which needs only limited use of hands, or for which the controls are positioned so that the hands are able to occupy themselves with another task (such as driving) without needing to hunt far afield for the controls. Explore the latest mobile phone accessories to enhance your HTC experience. No matter if you have a Sensation, Legend, HTC Incredible S, Wildfire S, Desire HD, HTC Sensation, HTC Evo 3D or the Desire S we offer a huge range of products suited to your specific needs. Their accessory range boasts a variety of HTC hands free, cases, covers, HTC Bluetooth headset, cables, chargers, HTC Docks and HTC Speakers and much more.

The HTC BH M300 is a bluetooth headset, which utilizes Bluetooth technology and is designed to be used when talking handsfree or whilst driving. The small, lightweight bluetooth streaming music headset is comfortable to wear and easy to pair. BH M300 is easy to pair with every bluetooth enabled mobile. The DSP (Digital Signal Processing) inside the BH M200 provides sophisticated duplex, echo cancellation and noise reduction technology, which ensures high audio sound quality for the end user. It is designed for you to wear without the earhook, this headset is secured by an ear-gel piece. It features simple controls through three buttons on the top and one side. The new BH M500 Bluetooth Mono headset frees you from having too many wires. It connects to your phone or other Bluetooth enabled devices effortlessly, letting you safely talk whilst walking or driving. A one button operation make receiving and dialing calls quick and easy. Voice activated dialing makes accessing your phone book hassle-free. Simple clean lines akes this headset subtle and barely noticeable.

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