HTC mobile charger - The ultimate convenience

Press Release   •   Aug 29, 2012 15:38 IST

Mobile charger is like a boon for all those who want to remain connected all the time. A mobile charger is a crucial parts of mobile phone that recharge you cell. Mobile chargers come with branded mobile handset. If you have lost the original one no need to be worry as nowadays imported mobile chargers such as 9 in 1 Multi-Function Mobile Charger, Portable Solar Charger, Universal Power Adaptor For O2 Pin etc. can replace the original one. All these chargers are available in market that compatible with almost all the brands. HTC mobile charger- Micro USB Mains with Spare USB Port - USB mains charger is designed to allow you to charge your Micro USB device and a separate device with the extra USB port.

Why Buy? Built in Micro USB lead with spare USB charging outlet, Compatible with any Micro USB device, 1Amp output will charge the latest smartphones quickly and LED status indicator to prevent overcharging and damage to your handset. Built in Micro USB lead with spare USB outlet socket. The Kit: Micro USB mains charger comes with a built in lead which is designed to charge any Micro USB device. It also features a USB outlet socket built into the charger which allows you to charge any other device providing you have a USB charging cable (sold separately), at the same time. This provides a faster alternative to charging from your PC or laptops USB port and gives you the freedom to charge multiple devices at the same time.

Compatible with any Micro USB device: The mains charger is fitted with a Micro USB connector which is compatible with any Micro USB device whether is a mobile phone, tablet computer or MP3 player. The metre long cable gives you the freedom to charge your phone and still keep your phone at an easy to view angle.

1Amp output will charge the latest smartphones: The charger features a 1Amp output which means that it will charge the latest smartphones quickly so your phone can be ready to use when you need it. The charger also includes a green LED status indicator which lets you know when the Kit: charger is charging your device. it also features a charging cut off which stops your phone from being over charged, resulting in damage to your handset.

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