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Hue Marcom Launches New Website

Press release   •   Mar 21, 2015 19:37 IST

The website boasts of added functionality and incorporates important forms such as purchase order form and credit card authorization form which make it easier for clients to place orders in addition to subscribing to their customer portal, Huescape. The cloud-based customer portal, Huescape, allows customers to manage their print orders directly. They can keep a tab on the project progress through the portal itself. The portal offers unique features which makes Hue an ideal marcom partners for universities across the world. Huescape allows clients to manage their inventory through the web and choose to distribute inventory throughout the world without so much as printing out an address label; just provide the address, quantity and time of delivery through the portal and your marketing material will reach you on time.

This feature makes even more sense with Hue’s free warehousing policy. Anything you get printed at Hue is maintained in their warehouses, thereby removing wasteful expense of not just inventory carrying costs but also the shipping costs that would have incurred was the material shipped back to you for warehousing.

The new website is also rich in information that not only provides you with quality resources informing you about the possibilities in marketing communication for universities but also leaves you in complete confidence of the company’s capabilities. The blog at the page is also a must visit, pushing out great information for university marketing professionals.

The organization, established in 2010, is fast gaining a reputation in the university marcom industry for their high quality printing options for a multitude of marketing collaterals, robust distribution capabilities and, most importantly, highly competitive pricing. The Hue Model, “Create. Publish. Deliver.”, makes the entire process of international student recruitment for universities as simple as the phrase makes it seem. The organization offers integrated marketing solutions that can cover your every design and print need, be it brochures, leaflets, flyers, standees, business cards, corporate stationery or anything else you can dream of printing on paper. The design and print team can handle any creative challenge that you throw at them. Hue also provides digital marketing services that span from search engine optimization to social media marketing to content marketing to inbound marketing.

Another recently added service is merchandising, providing cost-effective merchandising solutions for distribution to students, affiliate agents, and other important stakeholders.

And the distribution services, are beyond commendable. The amount of manpower and resources that are saved go on to provide additional savings. Imagine not having to go through the mundane and labor intensive task of counting and preparing packages, making address labels, sticking them on individual packages, and ensuring that each package is labeled correctly. What about personalized distribution? Would you want to spend hundreds of man-hours to package brochures for individual addresses? With Hue, you can deploy your marketing professionals’ time where it matters.

We suggest you definitely check out the website, if you too are looking forward to streamlining your international student recruitment and reduce your marcom costs. There’s a lot of good universities, talking about their exceptional service, so do check out the testimonials as well at

Hue is a global design, print, warehousing and distribution solution provider that has been helping universities save up to 50% of their costs in marketing and communications.