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Hybrid Footwear for Men; The Hottest Trend

Press Release   •   Nov 04, 2013 14:09 IST

Los Angeles, CA (USA), October 29th, 2013 -- Men's fashion is rapidly evolving including street style as well as formal business attire. Men are becoming more and more interested in fashion that they are demanding the industry to appease their interests. One of the ways, the fashion industry is doing this is through hybrid styles. The most popular hybrid trend of the season, are the hybrid shoes. Designers and brands have been working to blend two or more different types of silhouettes in one to tackle a man who can't be pinned to one look. Depending on the company, designers mix various fabrics as well as different styles to help men broaden their look. These are shoes meant for different styles of dress as well as different environments.

The different types of hybrid shoes include, boot hybrids, casual hybrids, and formal hybrids. All of these types could be worn by one man. That is the point; men have an ever changing style and need to express it.While many styles have already been combined, such as turning men's sneakers into boots, the new trend is using trainer soles to create a stylish men's comfort shoe. These come in multiple styles from men's suede to men's work shoes. Xcalibur Shoes is coming out with a Hybrid Air design in the S/S 2014 exactly like this. The Hybrid Air perfectly blends the sophistication of a traditional work shoe with an athletic air cushion sole.These shoes comes with the quality and design of the Xcalibur brand but are meant for men who have a more active lifestyle. Whether they walk long distances or are in need for more support, these shoes provide the ability to be sophisticated and practical all at once.

Hybrid shoes are also allowing men to dress up or down depending on the event they are attending and on a daily basis. But how would you wear these shoes? That is really up to you and your style, but if you are sporting a trendy hybrid shoe, don't hide them under your pants. They are all the rage this season and rolling up the pants allows not only the shoe to be seen but a stylish sock as well.

As men's fashion continues to grow, we will only see more modern editions of classic styles that men and women will both love to see. (Yes, women love seeing men in a trendy shoe.) Mixing shoe styles can be subtle or extremely evident, but it all comes back to a man's desire to be versatile and unique in their day to day life.

What are your opinions on hybrid shoes? Do they belong in sophisticated fashion? Are they trying too hard to be different? What are the best hybrid combinations? Do you have any hybrid shoes? Is this trend going to last or will classic styles beat them out?

Let us know what you think!http://www.xcalibershoes.com/category/hybrids

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