Important Features And Uses of Moisture Meter

Press Release   •   Jul 26, 2012 11:02 IST

A moisture meter is a device which is used to measure the level of water content in any substance. It is used in various fields which include food, concrete and wooden products. It is also known as a humidity meter. Today there are advanced humidity meters which are used by professionals in various fields. It can be used to measure the temperature flow, air flow and humidity of various substances. These meters are highly efficient in analyzing the compatibility of the material in any given environment.

A moisture meter is a small hand held device which has a liquid crystal display screen that can display the meter readings. The humidity meters are available in different sizes ranging from small to very large. Large meters are used to analyze large materials for industrial and commercial purposes.

Moisture meters can be used to detect the humidity levels at home, laboratory and research centers according to the features and application of the devices. These meters can be used to identify wet and dry materials so that the materials can be used for appropriate purposes.

One of the most significant uses of humidity meters is to measure the humidity content in concrete and wood. Wood changes its shape when it is wet or dry. It tends to expand or contract due to changes in water content. Wood can shrink or crack due to the absence of water content. Therefore before the manufacture of wooden furniture, it is first left to dry. It is then tested with the digital moisture meter to detect the water content present in it.

Carpenters utilize these meters so as to determine the usability of wood. It is also used by building inspectors to determine the compatibility of wood in specific areas. With the use of humidity analysis devices, it is possible to minimize various construction issues such as cracks, sunken joints and so forth.

It is also used to detect the water content in concrete. Humidity detectors are used to detect even the smallest particle present in concrete. It is quiet important to measure the water content in concrete so that it is easy to analyze the reaction of concrete with the humidity in the air.

Among the different types of humidity meters, one of the most popularly used devices includes the Sonin Rapitest meter. This meter is quite advanced as it includes a large number of additional features. It can be used to detect humidity levels in locations which are hard to reach. This meter is widely used by contractors, homeowners and inspectors.

The Sonin meter is used to test the humidity content in soft and hard wood, concrete, plaster and carpet. It can be used to check the floors and wall for water content before plastering or installing tiles. It is also widely used to trace seepage and roof leakages.

The Sonin meter is one of the most efficient and popular moisture meter used by most of the professionals and homeowners as it is considered to be an efficient device for detecting moisture levels.

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