Increasing Effort by Pharmaceutical Players to Tap the Potential Diabetes Market in China

Press Release   •   Dec 05, 2013 17:56 IST

China is progressively moving towards diabetes disaster therby affecting the healthcare expenditure of the country. Approximately 37.2 Million diabetic patients are aware of their condition and this figure might go up in future. As per the increasing diabetes prevalence in China, the healthcare spending is likely to increase in future and growth of health insurance services will provide the market attractive for pharmaceutical players including Novo Nordisk, Sanofi, and Bayer.

However, such a huge potential and attractive market is increasing the investment from several pharmaceutical players. Major pharmaceutical giants are luring in more cash to strategize their foothold in the China diabetes market and increase their market share. They are coming up in the market with new diabetes drugs. Also, the companies have been involved in increasing their production capabilities to gain market share. The country aims to lure more FDI investment in production, R&D to serve the Chinese market. Meanwhile, the government support is also boosting the revenue of the diabetes market.

The report entitled “China Diabetes Market Outlook 2018”, provides an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the segmentation of diabetes market into oral diabetic drug market, insulin drug market, insulin delivery devices market, and glucose monitoring market. . The research covers the market for each segment along with their current and future projections. Our study moreover evaluates the socioeconomic growth pattern throughout the country. It provides an overview of the patient affordability factor, disease prevalence rate and healthcare expenditure on diabetes. The report also discusses the regulatory landscape for diabetes market and current trends and drivers. Moreover, it provides an exhaustive study of the key players with their recent developments and product portfolios. Overall the report is an effective description of China Diabetes Market and will provide the client a source of knowledge and insights on same.

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