India Emerging as Export Hub for Footwear

Press release   •   Dec 10, 2012 15:27 IST

Indian footwear industry is witnessing impressive growth over the past few years. The country has become a major exporting hub due to the rising consumption and growing demand of Indian footwear in the global market. Many leading MNC brands like Acme, Nike, Adidas, etc have established their world-class facilities in India for designing and quality testing. In addition, they have established their production units for exports due to the availability of raw material and cheap labor. Therefore, footwear exports are increasing significantly with the adoption of the state-of-the-art technology in production units like CAD systems with 3D shoe design facilities to ensure International standards.

According to our research report, “Indian Footwear Market Forecast 2014”, Indian footwear sector is growing tremendously due to liberalized framework and globalization of the industry. Also, the demand for footwear’s is escalating significantly on the back of rising purchasing power and increasing youth population in the country. In addition, the restructuring and transformation of the footwear industry from unorganized sector to the professionally organized sector is also working in favor of the country. Considering these factors, the Indian footwear market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 14% during 2012-2014.

Further, our report presents thorough insight into footwear market by gender, age group, region and by sub category. It also covers the market performance by materials, format and component. In addition, the report also provides in-depth study of the Indian footwear market in context to global footwear market in terms of production and consumption. Moreover, it also includes the comprehensive analysis of the ethnic footwear market and online footwear market.

Our report, “Indian Footwear Market Forecast 2014”, also covers the future outlook taking into consideration the effect of consumer behavior, regulatory environment, and government initiatives in the country. It also covers the in-depth study on the leading players operating in the country along with their recent developments. In addition, it includes the study on base drivers, opportunities, and challenges which will drive the footwear industry in the country. Therefore, with this extensive research work, our aim is to present optimum information and balanced research outlook on the potentials of the Indian footwear industry.

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