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India Hair Care Market Overview Is Released

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 15:17 IST

In terms of hair, the artistic of this particular asset have mainly been achieved through functional hair care which includes maintaining a healthy appearance with products targeted for this outcome or through hair colorants using traditional occurring color variations. Consumers are seeking to utilize their hair to express their uniqueness, personality and style, creating demand for bolder, more exciting color ranges with which to conduct experiment and that imitate the range of choice available within the color market space. Hairstyling products are used to change the consistency or shape of hair, or to grip it in place in a certain hairstyle. Hair styling products remain strong in the salon hair care industry where plenty of these styling products are used to provide services regarding hair care. Also, popular techniques such as highlights and lowlights require a stylist and specialized products to achieve and maintain the look.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Hair Care Market Overview”, hair colour market is growing at a CAGR of 19.51% over past five years. Increasing disposable income provides many opportunities in the hair colour and hair styling products. The increase in hair colours and hair styling products consumption is growing primarily due to its mass and premium products as well as its various variants. People are willing to spend on such products to present themselves unique and individual.

As the bond between self-expression and hair care strengthens, and with majority of young consumers believing being fashionable to be important, there is a growing need for hair colour and hair styling products to facilitate the employ of the hair as a fashion accessory. This growing connection is most obvious within the colorants space, whereby along with bolder color options, brands are now innovating into "super temporary" hair colorants to allow consumers to immediately change the appearance of their hair, day to day and hour by hour, depending on the occasion, their outfit, and their mood, to complement their overall appearance as they would use makeup. In the coming years as well, this trend is projected to continue, especially as millions of consumers in India are now becoming conscious about styling their hair, coloring grey hair, and maintaining a healthy scalp.

Rapid volume and value growth will make styling products the most important market in India’s hair care sector. This sector is set to expand rapidly due to the increase in the young population, providing opportunities for brands to create new, innovative products with salon effects. 56% of hair styling products are used by consumers aged 24 and under. These younger consumers, particularly those living in urban areas, tend to lead fast-moving lifestyles strongly influenced by Western media which impacts their aesthetic appearance. There is room here for brands to produce high-end, innovative styling products which are quick and easy-to-use to help create this Western, salon look at home or on-the-go.

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