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India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Overview Is Released

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 15:48 IST

Rising urbanization, growing disposable income and increasing spending on restaurant food, attractive packaging, increasing awareness among consumers about the international food trends and transforming towards ready to eat meal, branded and quality ingredients will indicate a higher tendency to spend on “quality food‟ products. Also institutional food chains, QSR chains, Cinema chains and other branded food chains are drive the various pizza, pasta & bbq sauces products in India.

The pizza, pasta & bbq saucesindustry is a range of various pizza sauce, pasta sauce and bbq sauces variants and international sauces products like pesto sauce, Alfredo pasta sauce, Arrabbiata pasta sauce, pizza toppings, bbq sauce, etc. Pizza sauce is generating highest profits for pizza, pasta & bbq sauces market, followed by pasta sauce. The bbq sauce is rapidly growing category.

The pasta sauce market is in gaining existence in the Indian pizza, pasta & bbq saucesindustry, although consumption of pizza, pasta & bbq saucesvariants through retail levels is low. Only institutional food chains are the actual consumers of all the pizza, pasta & bbq saucesproducts. Youngsters are enhancing the demand for pizza, pasta and bbq sauces as they are more touch with international fast foods like pizza, pasta dishes and bbq dishes etc. Companies are establishing the pizza, pasta and bbq sauces products made from quality, spicy, creamy ingredients.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Pizza, Pasta & BBQ Sauces Market Overview”, the pizza, pasta & BBQ sauces market was growing at a CAGR of about 26.49% over five years. The rising middle class and growing disposable income provides many opportunities in the pizza, pasta & bbq sauces market.

The pizza, pasta & bbq sauces product have wide opportunities in Indian market. Pizza sauce is an important ingredient for garnishing pizza base layer and pasta sauce works as cooking sauce for pasta dishes recipes. There are specific uses of pizza & pasta sauces in various recipes and for this purpose chefs and food scientists use different variants of such sauces. New product developments and innovation are the most important part of the existing as well as new competitor to make efficient presence in the market. Few players are driving the pizza, pasta & bbq sauces. However, the new entrants are expected to join the market in upcoming years.

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