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India Table Sauces Market Outlook 2021 Is Released

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2016 17:35 IST

Easy usage of the packaged ketchup, price sensitive customers, brands focusing on the rural part, increasing production of packaged ketchup than that of glass bottled ketchup and the tilt of consumer towards the same will help to drive the tomato ketchup market which will further expand the table sauces market in the coming years.

Earlier, for the ketchup market glass bottle was the only option for the consumers. But the glass bottled ketchup came out to be pricey because of the price of the bottle included. Kissan and Heinz then came with the concept of packaged ketchup which turned out to be a huge driver as it was easy to use and was affordable by any segment of people in India. Every brand in the market now produces various packaged ketchup like doy pack, squeeze pack and other small sachets catering the rural segment of India. “Sales of the glass bottled ketchup market are slowly getting extinct from the India Tomato Ketchup Industry as people are more focusing on doy packs, squeezo packs and other small sachets because of the price conscious behaviour of the Indian consumers”, says Zalak Bhavsar, Research Analyst with Bonafide Research.

With the growing number of teenagers and youngsters having higher spending power and with increasing working population (especially women) robust growth is exhibited in the fast food industry in India. Tomato sauces are one of the most important ingredients in ready to eat or fast food products thus increasing its usage as important taste maker or enhancer and flavoring ingredients. Innovative packaging strategy for tomato ketchup has fuelled the growth of industry. Ketchup brands are turning to specialized design firms to renovate packaging of their products to develop their appeal and ensure ease of use.

The Squeezo is designed as an easy squeeze bottle which has modernized the Ketchup packaging scene in India. An Inverted squeeze ketchup bottle is designed to extract ketchup from the bottom with the purpose of providing convenience to the customers. Easy opening-closure system, flip open model and an easy to hold grip are a few firsts to its credit, in the Ketchup packaging segment. The lower weight has helped reduce logistics and transportation costsand it makes the product easier to handle for the consumer. Moreover, the package made with multilayer plastic restraining the risk of breakage. Besides, the package is easier to carry inside retail stores and supermarkets, and provides superior display efficiencieson retail racks. The latest revolutionary dual-function package is a different portable ketchup option for restaurant operators. It offers better functionality and convenience that delight the consumer by offering two different ways of use such as tearing off the top or “cap” for squeezing or peeling off the lid for dipping.

According to recently published report of Bonafide Research “India Table Sauces Market Outlook 2021”, Table sauces market is growing at a CAGR of 24.1% over five years with tomato ketchup sauces dominating the table sauces industry. Youngsters and kids are targeted group for tomato sauces products. Moreover, the aim of introducing the small sachet pack and doy pack is to grab the rural market and hence the brands intended the middle class group people. Also, increasing disposable income provides many opportunities to the tomato ketchup & sauces Industry as people are moving towards ready to eat foods, fast foods, snacks.

Kissan ketchup introduced the ‘squeezo’ bottle in 2009 which helped to distinguish the brand in a category dominated by glass bottles. This Kissan Squeezo pack weighs just 60 grams, as compared to the traditional 700 grams glass package. Kissan has prominently highlighted the packaging of the product for promotional purposes. The Heinz Ketchup package was developed in comeback to consumer demand for a package that can be used for either dipping or squeezing and made eating-on-the-go easier. Maggi has also introduced the small doy pack named Pichkoo which makes Maggi Tomato Ketchup affordable to a crowd of new consumers.

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