India to have Proton Therapy Centers Soon

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2013 12:53 IST

India is likely to witness the proton therapy boom soon. For instance, Apollo Hospitals recently announced that it will be setting up a proton therapy centre soon. Efforts are also on in government sector to procure at least two machines that use the 'proton accelerator therapy' in the next few years. These will be used at the department of atomic energy and All India Institute of Medical Sciences.

Like India, governments worldwide are intrigued by the immense potential proton therapy holds for the cure of cancer. US, Europe and Saudi Arabia too are expected to open up proton therapy centers soon. These portray favorable times for both cancer patients who will now have the best available option for cancer therapy near their home, and providers of proton therapy accelerators and other equipments, for whom, this rise in demand provides immense possibilities for growth.

Proton therapy, the latest innovation and the most technologically advanced method in the field of radio-oncology, answers all the problems related to radiation therapy. The technology is expected to eventually replace the traditional methods of radiotherapy in the coming future and thus, holds immense market potential and opportunity for players in the business of radiation therapy.

In its latest study, “US Proton Therapy Market Analysis to 2017”, RNCOS provides an extensive research and in-depth analysis of the current and expected US proton therapy market outlook. The report provides a thorough opportunity assessment and clearly states the number of potential patients for proton therapy along with their state-wise breakup to help readers decide in where to setup a new proton therapy center.

Further, to help the reader in understanding the various characteristics involved in setting up a proton therapy center, the report describes the different components and diverse aspects involved with a proton therapy center. Moreover, it also gives a glimpse of the investment required for establishing a proton therapy center based on different treatment room models.

Besides, the report further delves into the anticipated transformation into competitive landscape due to increase in the number of players leading to highly competitive market. It also comes up with upcoming trends, such as kind of treatment room model, types of proton accelerators being installed, etc.

The report is a result of comprehensive analysis of a variety of variables influencing the US proton therapy markets like the number of proton therapy centers in the US; the location of these centers; number of treatment rooms and working hours of each proton therapy center; kinds of cancers treated; duration of time required per proton therapy session; costs associated with the treatment and the year of their into operation.

This all-inclusive study of the US proton therapy market by RNCOS experts clearly describes important aspects of market like the current market size, forecasts,  along with various drivers, challenges and trends, making it a must read for Consultants and Companies in/planning to get in the market.

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