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India Wedding Market Outlook to 2020 - Focus on Online Matchmaking and Wedding Planning Segment

Press Release   •   Feb 29, 2016 12:39 IST

India Wedding Market Outlook to 2020 - Focus on Online Matchmaking and Wedding Planning Segment” provides a comprehensive analysis of various aspects such as market size of India Wedding Market. The report mainly covers two main segments such as matchmaking and wedding planning. The report also covers various segmentations by market structure, by geography, by budget of India families, by wedding venues, by popular themes. Sub-Segmentation for matchmaking market such as market size of matchmaking segment, different geography, types of membership plans, mobile and websites users, age group, gender, marital status, annual income, working class and different religions has also been covered in the report.

There were about ~ million weddings observed in FY’2015. It has been observed that more than ~ weddings took place per day specifically during unique auspicious days in FY’2015. Months from October to December have been the most popular months for the weddings. The number of weddings arranged nearly accounted to ~ million in FY’2015 during these months.

In FY’2015, maximum number of weddings were held in hotels and banquets and accounted ~% weddings in the same year. Whereas other venue options such as farm house, open gardens, destination weddings and others constituted ~% weddings in India. Due to lack of regulatory laws in FY’2015, unregistered weddings dominated the wedding market in India with~% share according to legal laws whereas ~% share was held by registered weddings in the same fiscal. The numbers of weddings in India are expected to showcase a rise over the next five years and are accounted to be ~ million weddings by FY’2020.In FY’2015, ~% of the weddings being were arranged by family members and remaining ~% of the weddings showcased the performance of wedding planners. Furthermore, Delhi NCR has witnessed approximately ~% of the total weddings held in India, whereas as Rajasthan accounted for ~% of weddings in India.

India Matchmaking Market

One of the major segments; matchmaking segment has witnessed a drastic rise in its growth since last five years FY’2010-FY’2015. The matchmaking market in India is mainly dominated by the organized matchmaking sector accounting for ~ % of revenues in FY’2015 where as the unorganized market players in the segment captured ~% of market share. The total user base of the online matchmaking websites was valued at ~ million profiles as of FY’2015.In FY’ 2015, the total paid registrations were valued at ~ million for online matchmaking. In terms of geography, Tamil Nadu, dominated the other regions of the country and constituted ~ % of total weddings on the basis of total registrations. During FY’2015, monthly membership plans constituted the major proportion in contrast to annual membership plans. The majority of the profile registrations were done through websites as compared to mobile registrations.

Furthermore, in FY’2015, the total paid subscriptions on matrimony websites accounted for approximately ~ million out of which ~% of the user base opted for monthly membership plans due to lower charges imposed on such plans. Additionally, in FY’2015, approximately ~% of the total user base got registered through mobile sites and mobile apps leading to ~ million profiles registrations and the rest ~% of the profile registration came from the websites with ~ million profiles out of the total registrations.

The matchmaking segment in India is comprised of major online matrimony players that meet the requirements of unmarried population. In terms of revenues and total registrations, Bharat Matrimony emerged as a leading player in the market, contributing ~% of the overall online matchmaking revenues and ~% of the total registrations in FY’2015. captured second position in terms of revenues and registrations and occupied ~% and ~% respectively in FY’2015. contributed a significant ~% share to the total registrations of India Online Matchmaking Services. held a comparatively smaller share and was the third largest company in the online matchmaking segment accounting ~% of the market share towards total registrations in FY’2015. Other players like and others controlled approximately a minimal ~% share in the total registrations of India Online Matchmaking Market during FY’2015.In terms of revenues, Bharat matrimony captured the first position with revenues generation contribution ~%, followed by contribution of ~% and third largest contribution was held by Jeevansathi with ~% of revenues contribution in FY’2015.

In the future outlook period (FY’2016-FY’2020), it is forecasted due to the continuous customized strategies adopted and future expansion plans to cater to every section of the society, matchmaking market will generate revenue of approximately INR ~ million by FY’2020 and will post the CAGR of ~% over the over the period of five years.

India Wedding Planner Market

The wedding planning market has showcased a significant growth in last five years from FY’2010-FY’2015 and posted a CAGR ~% till FY’2015. In wedding planning market, organized wedding planners captured a bigger slice of the market and constituted ~% of revenues in FY’2015 where as the unorganized wedding planners held the remaining share of ~% as of FY’2015. During FY’2015, wedding planners organized~ million weddings in contrast to ~million weddings in the previous year.

Wedding planners organized maximum number of weddings in farm houses and it had a major share of ~% in total weddings in FY’2015 as compared to other wedding venues.In FY’2015, professional class captured a dominant position and had ~% share in total weddings managed by wedding planners where as business class occupied ~% share in FY’2015.

In FY’2015, organized wedding planners contributed ~% to the overall business of wedding planning industry registering the revenues of INR~ billion indicating the huge reliability of the client base on the efficient and quality services offered by organized market players. Indian wedding planners such as Fern N Petals, L’amore Weddings, Elite Wedding Planners, Reynold Wedding Planners and Regal Wedding Planners and others have been popular wedding planners due to their tailor made services and due to the support that they provide to the families in making entire wedding celebration smooth and efficient. Other wedding planners specifically based in South India such as Wedmantra, Divya Vithika, Rings& Roses, Athiti Wedding Planners, Fonix Events and others have also exhibited a healthy presence in the market

India wedding planning market is projected to scale new heights in coming years owing to number of factors. The industry is likely to be driven by increasing expenses on the different events organized in such an occasion. The importance of wedding planners has gradually scaled up, as spending on wedding is generally associated with social status of the family these days. The Indian wedding planning market is anticipated to grow to INR ~ billion by FY’2016. It is further projected to grow to INR ~ billion by FY’2020 thereby displaying a CAGR of ~% during FY’2016-FY’2020.

Key Topics Covered in the Report:

  • The market size of India Matchmaking Market
  • Market segmentation of India matchmaking market on the basis of annual income, different geographies, wedding venues, different religion, membership plans, mode of access, age group, working class, gender and marital status
  • SWOT analysis in India Wedding Market
  • Existing Business Model in online matchmaking market
  • Market share of major players in India matchmaking market
  • Financial performance and business strategies of Online matrimony websites
  • Trends and Growth drivers of India Matchmaking market
  • Issues and Challenges of India Matchmaking market
  • Future Projections of India Matchmaking Market
  • The market size of India Wedding Planning Market
  • Market segmentation of India wedding planning market on the basis of organized and unorganized market players annual income, different geographies, wedding venues, different religion, and working class.
  • Company profiles of major players in India Wedding Planning market
  • Trends and Growth drivers of India Wedding Planning market
  • Issues and Challenges of Wedding Planning market
  • Future Projections of India Wedding Planning Market


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