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Press Release   •   Jan 11, 2016 11:43 IST


Feule printers are used to print ferrules, or ferrules are also known as tubes marking printers and Ferrule Printing Tube / Marker Sleeve / Wire Marking Tube and Ferrule Printing Machines (Cable ID Printers) are the best in the industry having wide features of high quality crisp and clear printing on a variety of media. This best in class Ferrule Printers can print medias like PVC Tubes, Heat Shrink Tubes, Label Tapes, Wrap Around Tapes, ID Strips, Marking Strips etc required for Cable & Panel Component identification in various industries like Control Panel Manufactures, Industrial Automation, Electrical Projects, Harness Manufactures, Networking in IT sector, Railways, Aerospace, Shipyards, Power Plants etc, Ferrule Printing Machines are comparatively beneficial in consumable cost and gives you world's best PVC tube & Label printing quality with durability. It has Direct USB Interface (full speed) PC linkage which helps the user an error free and speedy production of ferrules by transferring direct excel files to the printer


LM-380E provides you with marking speed at 20mm/second. LM-380E can make approx 33pcs of 20mm-length tube per minute. You can adjust the half cutting depth with the "Half cutting depth adjustment lever'; when half cutting is too deep.

LM 390A has an enhanced feeding and half cutting system that provides you with marking speed at 35mm/ second. LM 390A can make 50pcs of 20mm length tube per minute.

canon mk 1500 ferrule printers

The MK1500 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a large LCD display and automatic full and half-cutting, it offers smooth and easy printing from start to finish.

CANON MK2500 Ferrule Printer

The CANON MK2500 prints precise characters of up to 300dpi for tubes, labels and more. With a lar