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Indian Kids Wear Market Forecast To 2018

Press Release   •   Sep 23, 2014 10:51 IST

Today’s children in India know exactly what they want to wear and how they would like to be dressed. This has created opportunity for Kid’s wear brands and retailers in terms of expanding their product portfolio and attracting new customers.

Also, the factors fuelling the growth of the kid’s wear segment include the high number of children, the growing exposure of both parents and children towards fashion trends, and the higher number of double-income parents leading to higher household incomes and, consequently, higher disposable incomes.

Overall, the kid’s wear market makes up approximately xx percent of the total apparel market, and it is expected to grow at a CAGR of xx percent over the next five years. The segment is currently estimated at worth Rs xx crore (US$ xx billion) and is projected to reach Rs xx crore (US$ xx billion) by 2018.

Over the past five years (2009-2013), the Indian Kid’s Wear Market has been growing at a rapid pace. The kid’s wear market is the fastest growing sector among other sectors of Indian apparel market and is expected to sustain its growth in the coming years.

Indian Kid’s Wear Market Forecast To 2018 is a comprehensive research that contains detail statistics, in-depth analysis, and quality research on Indian Kid’s wear market.

The report categorizes Indian Kid’s Wear Market into two segments such as Kid’s wear (Boys) and Kid’s wear (Girls) to provide a detailed overview of past and present performance, both in value and volume terms, of each segment. The segment-wise future outlook has been given in the report which will help readers to identify the future growth spots and the market target.

Also, the report categorizes each segment into product sub-segments to provide a detailed overview of past and present performance, both in value and volume, of each sub-segment.

Across Kid’s wear (Boys) and Kid’s wear (Girls), school uniforms is the category where growth is expected for both boys and girls, especially with the greater focus on girls’ education. Bottom wear remain as another fastest growing category. While, after bottom wear, it is T-shirts and ethnic wear that account for the largest market share within the boys segment, in the girls’ segment ethnic wear, dresses, skirts and churidar dominate the market.

The report helps readers to understand the Indian consumer behavior and their preferences and the real scenario of the retail sector in the country.

The report, also, focuses various distribution networks existing in the Indian market and the market trends, potential future growth areas, and challenges for the sector.

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