Indian Mobile Game Industry: Set for a Rapid Growth

Press Release   •   Oct 29, 2012 12:18 IST

Mobile gaming industry is leading the overall gaming industry in India. On the back of rising adoption of mobile games and increasing penetration of smartphones, mobile gaming industry is witnessing rapid growth. The industry is going to touch the pinnacle of success in the coming years with ever-growing mobile subscriber base, emergence of high speed network services in the market like 3G & 4G and alluring new technologies as 3D mobile games. Considering this favorable market environment, the mobile gaming industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of around 43% during 2012-2015.
Research Analysis & Highlights

The report by RNCIOS, “Booming Mobile Gaming Market in India”, and spread across 75 pages covers all the key aspects depicting a complete picture of the mobile gaming industry in India. A look at the industry’s growth inclination over a period of time has been presented here. Besides, it entails a comprehensive detail of Indian mobile phone manufacturers, mobile service providers, and mobile subscribers. The report also includes the analysis of various types of mobile games with reference to Indian market scenario.

Further, it also includes an in-depth analysis of Indian mobile gamers based on the primary research conducted by RNCOS over a large sample size in metro cities. It also highlights various opportunity areas like 4G services, graphics & animation industry, 3D games, and game outsourcing industry in India.

Additionally, the report covers the details of major mobile games developer in the country that will help clients to understand the competitive landscape and its progress in the coming years.

Some of the report’s key highlights include:

- Mobile Gaming to Lead Overall Indian Gaming Industry  
- Smartphone Penetration Driving Indian Mobile Gaming Industry
- 3D Games to Bring a Paradigm Shift in Indian Mobile Gaming Industry
- India’s emergence as a gaming outsourcing hub

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