Indian Oral Care Market to Register a Double-Digit Growth

Press Release   •   Oct 23, 2012 11:15 IST

Oral care segment, which comprises mouthwash, toothbrush, toothpaste, and tooth powder, holds a substantial share in the overall cosmetics market in India. The segment has shown a strong growth over the past few years and it is expected that the trend will continue in future as well. With increasing awareness about oral hygiene, improving discretionary income, and high advertising expenditure by international players, oral care segment of Indian cosmetic industry holds an immense growth prospectus. Moreover, during our analysis it has been found that, the demand for mouthwash will register a strong growth in the coming years as compared to the other two segments.

Further, according to a new research report by RNCOS “Indian Cosmetic Sector Forecast to 2015”, with increasing purchasing power and growing fashion consciousness in India, the Indian cosmetics sector is expected to expand remarkably in near future. Our research revealed that rising western culture’s influence and robust media promotion are also the major factors driving the cosmetics sector in India. Additionally, rising beauty concerns among both men and women in the country will majorly contribute to the growth of Indian cosmetic market, which is anticipated to register a CAGR of around 17% during 2011-2015.

The report authored to evaluate Indian Cosmetics Market, which is segmented into hair care, skin care, oral care, fragrance and color cosmetics gives detailed analysis and forecast of the Indian cosmetics market. The report provides a comprehensive study on sub-segments which are further divided into various segments, such as shampoo, hair conditioner, hair gel, hair color, face creams/lotions, talcum powder, face wash, tooth paste & powder, tooth brush, and mouth wash. Further, we studied various established and emerging trends in Indian cosmetics sector to understand the current and future market outlook of the industry. With a view to understanding the industry’s competitive landscape and presenting its balanced outlook to clients, we have included market share of key players for each segment and profiling of industry’s leading player with their SWOT in our research study. The report also facilitates a brief analysis of Hair & Beauty Salon Market, Spa Market and Cosmetics Surgery market, which forms the important part of Indian cosmetics sector.

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