Indian Poultry Industry Outlook to 2017

Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2013 12:22 IST

India has always been known for its primarily agrarian economy, though now it has gradually shifted towards industrial economy. With a majority population of the country still dependent on agriculture and allied activities, there is huge scope for industries like the poultry industry to expand and improve to become a profitable sector in the coming years. Poultry sector in India has been extremely beneficial for the common masses and has also contributed to earning foreign exchange through exports.

RNCOS’ report, “Indian Poultry Industry Outlook to 2017” portrays the current and future scenario of the poultry industry in the country. From the company’s analysis, it is anticipated that the poultry industry will grow at a CAGR of around 10% during 2012-13 to 2016-17. While preparing the report, RNCOS comprehensively covered the growth prospects of the broiler meat & egg industry. Statistically, the report covers production trends of broiler, broiler meat, layers and eggs. It also provides forecasts of the meat and eggs industry till 2016-17. The research report, spread over around 75 pages, offers a well-framed picture of poultry industry dynamics, essential to get a grasp of the market nerve.

RNCOS’ analysts have conducted in-depth interviews of production heads & top executives of poultry companies. Interviews helped them understand the challenges faced, the degree of integration preferred and the expected growth prospects. Besides, the analysts have assessed the poultry industry dynamics in top states, including Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Haryana, etc. to provide a state-wise picture of the poultry industry in the country. Regional demand analysis for broiler & egg production is an important aspect of the research report. Technology innovations and government initiatives to boost poultry production have also been precisely incorporated in the study.

To assess the competition in the country’s poultry industry, we have profiled key industry players like Venkys, Skylark, Suguna, SKM, Simran, Kegg farms, IBG, Amrit Group etc. This helped in analyzing the strategies of the big companies which are proving successful in the poultry industry despite the various challenges faced. The size of their business, level of integration, production capacity, branding and marketing techniques, focus on R&D etc, have been described in detail.

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