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Indian Women Innerwear Market Forecast

Press Release   •   Jul 15, 2013 11:08 IST

India’s women innerwear industry has been growing significantly over the past few years. Growing number of working women, changing fashion trends, increased awareness about better fits, rising disposable income and level of information have given the women innerwear industry a new dimension. As per the estimate carried out in our latest research report “Indian Women Innerwear Market Forecast to 2015”, the women’s innerwear market will post a CAGR growth of around 14% during 2013-2015.
 Our research is an outcome of extensive primary & secondary research spanning over 3 months and thorough analysis of industry trends. For the study, we have conducted F2F and telephonic interviews with proprietors/store-operators of retail outlets. In addition, we also interviewed more than 200 women of all age groups all over India to embrace various aspects of the industry trends in the report.
 The report divides the women innerwear market into two segments: lingerie and nightwear. Our analysts have closely studied and provided market forecast till 2015 of overall women innerwear and both segment. The forecast is based on in-depth study and analysis of market trends, demographics, consumer behavior and spending patterns. The report also includes share of organized/unorganized market in women innerwear, lingerie and nightwear.
 The lingerie market has been further classified into 5 product class: low, economy, mid-market, premium and super premium. The report also divides the lingerie market into 2 types: Brasseries and Brief. The market forecast till 2015 of both type has been provided. Additionally, the report studies the lingerie market share of rural/urban, regions and its major players.
 We have further looked into the current trends in the Indian women innerwear industry. While studying the latest industry trends, we observed that international players are now entering the Indian women innerwear market. The vast potential in the Indian market, especially in untapped areas, such as Tier II and Tier III cities, is attracting the foreign players.
 Our report also included the business overview and product portfolio of prominent industry players such as Bodycare, Jockey, Groversons, and many others to provide a balanced research outlook of the industry. Thus, the report covers all the important aspects of the Indian women innerwear market, which will prove decisive for the clients.
 1. Analyst View
 2. Research Methodology
 3. Macroeconomic Indicators
 4. Industry Trends
 4.1 Innovation is the Keyword Driving the Lingerie Market
 4.2 Growing Number of International Brands in the Indian Market
 4.3 Online Retail Stores are the Best Bet
 5. Women Innerwear Market Performance
 5.1 Current and Future Market till 2015
 5.2 Market Share by Category
 5.3 Organized/Unorganized Segmentation
 6. Market Performance by Segment
 6.1 Lingerie
 6.1.1 Current and Future Market till 2015
 6.1.2 Market Share by Major Players
 6.1.3 Market Share by Type Brassieries Market till 2015 Brief Market till 2015
 6.1.4 Urban/Rural Segmentation
 6.1.5 Organized/Unorganized Segmentation
 6.2 Nightwear
 6.2.1 Current and Future Market till 2015
 6.2.2 Organized/Unorganized Segmentation
 7. Regional Analysis of Lingerie Market
 8. Key Players
 8.1 Bodycare
 8.1.1 Business Description
 8.1.2 Product Portfolio
 8.2 Jockey
 8.2.1 Business Description
 8.2.2 Product Portfolio
 8.3 Lovable Lingerie Ltd.
 8.3.1 Business Description
 8.3.2 Product Portfolio
 8.4 Enamor
 8.4.1 Business Description
 8.4.2 Product Portfolio
 8.5 Groversons
 8.5.1 Business Description
 8.5.2 Product Portfolio
 8.6 Triumph
 8.6.1 Business Description
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