Indian Women Innerwear Market to See Momentous Growth in Future

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 14:17 IST

The women innerwear industry, comprising of brassieres, panties, slips, and nightwear, is growing at a phenomenal rate in India. The women became more conscious of their bodies and started taking innerwear as an indispensable part of their wardrobe that needs much attention. Growing number of working women, changing fashion trends, increased awareness about better fits, rising disposable income, level of information, transformations in the social mindset and the entry of a large number of foreign brands have given the industry a new dimension. According to “Indian Women Wear Market Forecast to 2015”, a recent report by RNCOS, women’s innerwear market in India is forecasted to expand at a CAGR of around 14% during 2013-2015.

Since the market is largely governed by unorganized players, well-known brands are making their presence felt in this segment. Several brands are slowly making inroads into the women’s preferences. While marketing and brand building are all part of the larger process, technology also plays a prominent role in the acceptance and popularity of an innerwear brand. With international labels coming in and presenting themselves positively in the media, the Indian women’s innerwear market present vast potential.

The report thoroughly evaluates and analyzes the women’s wear market in India. Our team of experts has studied the Indian women’s wear market from various perspectives. It entails a detailed analysis of the market in terms of segments (western wear, ethnic wear, innerwear, and fashion accessories). The western wear market has been further segmented into denim, t-shirt, shirt and trouser. Similarly, the ethnic wear and innerwear market is also segmented into saree and salwar kameez & lingerie and nightwear, respectively. Detailed historic and future perspective has been provided with all data forecasted till 2015.

Factors, which are fueling growth in the Indian women’s wear market, have also been discussed in detail along with the distribution channel and entry mode options for International players. Thorough data and analysis presented in the report will help clients evaluate the leading-edge opportunities critical for the success of the women’s wear market.

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