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Indigo Inflatables Comes up with Repairing and Testing Services

Press release   •   Apr 13, 2013 11:57 IST

The demand of the inflatables keep rising with almost every passing day, and the many agencies that provide the services of bouncy castle sales Ireland are struggling and expanding to meet the requirements. Needless to say, the inflatable leasing agencies are renting out their products by the dozen, and there can be no doubt whatsoever that these products are undertaking a lot of strain and much wear and tear owing to the excessive use. Despite the fact that these are usually made of pretty strong material, the years of usage are bound to have an impact on the best kept of the lot. With this particular clause in view, quite a few companies have cropped up that cater to the various aspects related to the maintenance of the inflatable play structures.

Excessive use of bouncy castles is bound to inflict certain damages even on the best maintained inflatables. While smaller damages like tiny punctures can be taken care of quite easily, instances of inflatables getting caught in blowers and fans are not unheard of, and damages in these situations can be huge. This is where a bouncy castle repairs Ireland service comes to assistance. Indigo Inflatables guarantees the repair of any and every kind of damage inflicted on the bouncy structures, no matter what the extent of the same. What makes indigo all the more lucrative is that they try to repair the structures at record time, within a maximum range of 48 hours.

According to the laws set down by the government of the United Kingdom, an inflatable that is used on a regular basis needs to be tested at least once a year by a competent authority. Indigo Inflatables is one of the most well known of the bouncy castle testing Ireland services. The company prides itself on being a complete package in the inflatables industry; not only does it stock a wide variety of bouncy play structures meant for leasing out, it also takes care of other companies’ products by repairing them and testing their usability. An accredited testing company, Indigo Inflatables follows the PIPA scheme of testing, so that there is no chance whatsoever of lower quality inflatables being leased to the market.

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