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Industrialization to Drive Di(trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) Industry in Asia: Ken Research

Press release   •   Jul 30, 2018 18:51 IST

Ditrimethylolpropane tetraacrylate(Di-TMPTA) is synthesized by direct esterification method with ditrimethylolpropane(Di-TMP) and acrylic acid coupled with silicotungstic acid supported on activated carbon acting as a catalyst. The influences of acid, amount of catalyst used in the process, reaction time, reaction temperature of esterification are considered during manufacture of Ditrimethylolpropane tetraacrylate(Di-TMPTA). It is an orthogonal experiment and Di-TMPTA is characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. It was observed that rate of esterification is at 96.2% at 0.9% catalyst consumption with five hours of reaction time at 82 ℃ reaction temperature.

According to the study “Asia Di(trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) Industry Situation and Prospects Research Report”, Di-TMPTTA is a multifunctional acrylic monomer which can be polymerised by free radicals and is designed for use in ultraviolet and electron beam curing applications. It is a tetrafunctional monomer offering fast cure response and a high crosslink density upon curing. The physical and chemical properties of Di-TMPTTA are very special. It is a non-flammable liquid with very low volatility, slightly soluble in water, colourless to pale yellow with odour that of acrylic ester, non-flammable upon ignition, flash point is greater than 135°C at 1013 hPa, pressure. Di-TMPTTA is irritating to the eyes due to acute toxicity, causes eye irritation or corrosion. The major environmental effects of Di-TMPTTA are it is not readily biodegradable and is moderately hydrolysed at a pH of 7-9. If Di-TMPTTA is let into oceans or lakes or rivers, it is toxic to aquatic organisms. Di-TMPTTA is not readily biodegradable due to low bioaccumulation potential.

Safety showers, eye-wash stations, eye/face protection, safety glasses with side-shields, long sleeved clothing, nitrile rubber gloves, respiratory equipments are a few safety measures provided for those who are exposed in the Di-TMPTTA manufacturing facility. Various Di-TMPTTA industrial operations are maintenance, sampling, testing, or other procedures. It was observed that there is no direct use of Di-TMPTTA in any of the applications because is always used in a combination. It is essential to take proper precautions to avoid Di-TMPTTA to contaminate ground water system and all the industrial effluent released should be directed to waste water treatment plant for further treatment. Excessive exposure to DI-TMPTTA can cause serious eye irritation, highly toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects, may be harmful if swallowed.

Geographically, Asia Di (trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) industry is spread across China, India, Korea, Japan, Saudi Arabia and other regions. Industrial grade and lubricating grade are the two types of Di (trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) available in Asia. The various applications of Di (trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) in Asian markets are in synthetic lubricants, radiation curing coating, plastics and others industries. The leading players within Asia Di (trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) industry are Sartomer, DSM, Jilin Petrochemical, Osaka Organic Chemical and KPX Green Chemical.

With increasing application of Di (trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) in various Asian industries, the demand for the chemical is increasing drastically in polymerization. The chemical is hazardous, however, the increasing consumption will witness a drastic growth in Asia Di(trimethylolpropane) Tetraacrylate (Di-TMPTTA) industry over the next few years.

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