eresource Infotech

Industry-specific ERP system

Press Release   •   Jan 06, 2016 10:56 IST

eresource ERP solutions are tailored industry-specific standards, best practices and processes to help companies optimize business processes and adapt quickly to changing market demands. From local businesses to global industry leaders, eresource has been serving companies of all sizes and industries in India and abroad.

eresource is developing best practices and delivering ERP software systems that target specific business needs. The result is a depth and breadth of industry expertise and tailored software functionality that is difficult to match.

Through its industry solutions, eresource addresses the unique core processes of number of industries.eresource tightly narrows its industry focus to provide targeted support for many micro-level industries.

eresource ERP system currently serves the following industry segments:

  • ERP for Manufacturing
  • ERP for Discrete Manufacturing
  • ERP for Fleet Management
  • ERP for Pharmaceutical
  • ERP for Chemical Industry
  • ERP for Modular Kitchen
  • ERP for Construction and Infrastructure
  • ERP for Automotive

As the Small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs) are facing greater competition than ever across diverse industries, success depends on having the ability to keep pace with rapidly changing customer and industry demand and execute in a short amount of time.  For details: