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Interarch Buildings- The Age of Pre-Engineered Buildings

Press Release   •   Aug 17, 2015 13:46 IST

It is the age of convenience. These days time is scare and projects needs to be completed within unimaginable deadlines. But, even then no compromise on quality is acceptable. This mixture of immediate deadlines, cutting production costs, increasing profits and maintaining quality has lead to the popularity of pre-engineered buildings (PEB). And, one of the leading PEB building suppliers in India is Interarch Buildings.

Interarch Buildings has been in the business of creating pre-engineered steel buildings for over two decades. They have an extremely skilled and experienced staff that works on everything from the design elements to raw material sourcing. They have been the pioneers in the field of PEB buildings in India and introduced various trends.

There are various factors that have made pre-engineered buildings popular and got various companies interested in the business, speed and cost effectiveness being the two most prominent ones.

One of the primary factors that lend speed to the construction of prefabricated metal buildings is their computerized designs. These designs are easy to formulate and can be easily picked from an already existing database for prefabricated steel buildings. They are also cost effective and are thus, increasingly preferred for commercial steel buildings. Low cost of raw materials, and add to that the cheap maintenance costs. These factors make pre-fabricated structures extremely cost effective. They are also long lasting, which further makes them an extremely profitable venture.

Various big companies worldwide are going in for PEB buildings. One of the most notable examples of pre-engineered buildings used in the commercial space is that of McDonalds. The fast food chain has a set design that is followed across the globe. Their restaurants have the same feel and décor whether one sits down to enjoy a burger in New Delhi or New York. McDonalds has been able to achieve this uniformity and speed in construction because of pre-engineered structures.

Pre-engineered buildings are also very popular as warehouse options for companies. Goods worth lakhs are stored in the warehouses of companies. Thus, it is imperative that these storage units are durable. The materials used in the construction of pre-fabricated buildings make them an extremely durable option. Also, care is taken while construction that no corrosive elements are used.

Pre-engineered structures have gained popularity in both commercial and residential construction and Interarch Buildings has been leading this revolution. But, apart from the art of creating PEB buildings, Interarch also specializes in various other elements of construction. Another notable feather in their cap is false ceilings. These ceilings have become a regular feature in most constructions today and impart an air of elegance to the design.

The strong back-end team of Interarch Buildings and the experience of creating numerous pre-engineered buildings in India have made it a formidable force in the segment. And, with the list of PEB companies in India all set to increase and prosper further, there is a lot that other PEB manufactures can learn from the works of Interarch. It is after all an industry that is making millions for its promoters.

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Interarch Building Products Pvt. Ltd. is the metal building construction company in India. It is leading pre-engineered Steel Construction Solution provider in India with integrated facilities for design, manufacture, logistics, supply and project execution capabilities for pre-engineered steel buildings. Numerous residential and commercial steel buildings use the PEB technology for constructing eco-friendly structures.