Interferon Market Forecast to 2015

Press Release   •   Jul 02, 2012 15:27 IST

RNCOS has recently added a new Market Research Report titled, “Interferon Market Forecast to 2015” to its report gallery. One of the most effective clinical methods, used to treat a wide spectrum of diseases, protein-based therapies have found a prominent place in the biopharmaceutical industry. According to our new research report, the market for interferons (IFN), a family of glycoprotein cytokines which have antiviral, anti-proliferative, and immuno-modulatory properties, is expected to cross the US$ 10 Billion-mark by 2015. Increasing number of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C cases across the globe will fuel growth in the market.

Our comprehensive report, “Interferon Market Forecast to 2015”, says that though the consumption of the interferon drugs is increasing, the segment is being hit by patent expirations. The study also looked into the shares of interferon beta and interferon alpha in the overall market. It also studied how the interferon market is performing in key geographies. It was found that Japan represents the largest market for interferon in Asia, and the third biggest in the world.

On studying the competitive landscape in the global interferon market, it was found that Biogen dominates the beta interferon market, followed by Merck. A brief overview of the activities of these key players has been included in the research work to depict a meaningful and clear picture of the market to clients.

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