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International Lawyer Inspired by Writing and Reading Stage Plays

Press release   •   Mar 24, 2012 20:10 IST

Approaching 90, Author Compiles Full Length Stage Plays in "Trilogy of Murders".

St. Petersburg, FL (USA), Friday - March 23, 2012 -- When not providing professional opinions on foreign trade and investment to domestic and off-shore client corporations or major law firms, FRANK WARREN SWACKER, derives one of his greatest pleasures from the reading and writing full length stage plays.  Born in Manhattan on May 18, 1922, he seldom missed seeing, Broadway’s  best  productions, excluding his brief service in World War II as a US Navy Lt. (j.g.) in the South Pacific.

Learning that Lynne Rock, Editor, at publisher, Free Marketing, Inc. a subsidiary of Rock Publishing, is scheduling release of an E-book, TRIOLOGY OF MURDERS that shall contain three of his full length two act murder mystery stage plays by his birthday, he commented:  "Including three stage plays in a single publication should accommodate the ‘Go Generation’ desire to be able to quickly determine which plays satisfy their creative appetite.  I have often found writing and reading stage plays inspirational."

Arbitrating Murder, the first play, in Trilogy of Murders, depicts apprehension of a co-ed daughter that her father may be found to have killed her mother.  The hilarious hearing, discloses her mother, a Washington public relations executive, had been involved in dangerous intrigues.  The play, except for the ending, follows his book, Who Murdered Mom? (2nd Edition).

The second play, Who Murdered the Chairman?  is based upon his book, Boardroom Conspiracies.   It is laced with comic, satire, spoofing Wall Street, and corporate executive misbehavior, some of which created the present economic fallout.  Both E-books have been re-edited by Darla J. Blaha, prize winning author of, La Grange Chicken Ranch Revisited that became the basis of the stage play and movie:  THE BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS. The E-books include the plays in their respective Appendix.

The third play, Spreading Murder & Happiness, is a brain storming search for a serial killer, harboring hate for those who had attained success in their respective professions.   It is based upon the collaborative work in progress of Blaha and Swacker,  to be entitled:  Murder & Happiness.  All three fictional dramas call for eight or less cast members and simple settings.

Swacker ( http://www.members.authorsguild.net/fswacker ), is listed in Who’s Who in the World, and Who’s Who in America.  He holds a B.A.  (Economics) from Union College, a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia and a LL.M. (International Law) from New York University, Graduate School of Law.

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