Internet- Accessing Religions

Press Release   •   Dec 19, 2013 11:50 IST

Religion played a very important role in the human history by laying down certain principles and by guiding the rationality and morality of the human society for many centuries. Whether one admits or not, most important values and virtues that we see today are sourced from religious principles. Sometimes religions are found in association with some sorts of radicalism or fanaticism because religious principles and guidelines are often complex and complicated. This negativism can be eradicated by understanding each principle clearly.

Understanding with clear interpretation is the main thing that will help in reducing religious malpractice resulting from the complication or misinterpretation of complex principles. Today, understanding these religious principles has become much easier and more convenient as compared to the past. The increasing capacity of human technology, knowledge and intelligence help tremendously while procuring information or in other efforts to understand religions.

At present, with the influence of technology, particularly the Internet, dissemination of religious principles and spirituality and organizing common faith are more conveniently performed. People can easily acquire/understand religious principles and doctrines by researching various information and opinion shared by others on the Internet. In simple words, Internet has made religions more accessible at present.

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