Introduction of Vaccines for EBV, HTLV-1, H.pylori Showing New Hope

Press Release   •   Oct 30, 2012 14:35 IST

A new research report from RNCOS suggests that vaccines for cancers caused by EBV, HTLV-1, and H.pylori represent a highly untapped area and can help in reducing cancer burden. The Epstein-Barr virus is one of the most common human viruses and is often associated with increased risk of non-Hodgkin lymphoma and nasopharyngeal carcinoma. A high association has been found between HTLV-1 and Leukemia; and between H.pylori and gastric cancer. With no cancer vaccine available to prevent infection from these cancers, market players should enter this segment and capture this huge opportunity.

Cancer Vaccines have grown robustly in recent years owing to high prevalence and growing need to curb the disease. Amongst the highest incident cancers, prostate cancers are high in males and breast cancer rate top in females. The introduction of Merck’s Gardasil bought great attention to prophylactic cancer vaccines followed by GSK’s Cervarix. The introduction of the first therapeutic cancer vaccine by Dendreon has changed the dynamics in the cancer vaccine market with the future hoping to see revolutionary therapeutic vaccines. Amongst the several cancers, lung cancer is expected to see a marketable product soon, as more than 30% of the therapeutic cancer vaccines in phase-3 clinical trials are for the treatment of lung cancer. The US represents the most promising market for cancer vaccines across the globe, accounting for around 49% share.

The report entitled “US Cancer Vaccines Market Analysis”, provides an analysis of the market drivers, current market size, and future estimates. It also provides the key constraints faced by these cancer vaccine products that can hinder its market growth in the future.  Moreover, an in-depth analysis of all the candidate cancer vaccines in various phases of clinical trials for most prevalent cancers in the US has been covered to identify diverse opportunities for players. Further, the report provides competitive analysis of the promising players in the market along with their key strategies for business expansion. The regulatory environment detailing the whole cancer vaccine approval process along with FDA’s guidelines to the industry for clinical proceedings of cancer therapeutic vaccines has also been covered in this report.

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