IP Technology to Propel India CCTV Market

Press release   •   Mar 14, 2012 14:08 IST

As per the latest report by RNCOS titled “Indian CCTV Market Analysis”, closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance dominates the electronic security market in India. The growing incidences of terrorist attacks and other criminal activities have significantly changed the perception of Indian consumers, who now look for better and advanced safety and security solutions. Thus, video sur¬veillance has become imperative for both government and private bodies. Taking into consideration the need to provide superior security and combat the ongoing criminal activities in all spheres of life, India CCTV market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 27% during 2010-2015.

Our research report spread across 50 pages emphasizes that Indian horizons have expanded to the growing needs of video surveillance over physical security due to the better privileges of remote monitoring. This has resulted in growing demand for reliable and intelligent security systems in India and consequently shifted analog trend to more advanced IP trend. The demand for IP equipments, largely driven by government authorities, small- and medium-businesses (SMBs), defense and other sectors has led to the growth of network technology at a fast pace. However, unlike developed countries, India CCTV market at present has specific demands, such as low-end network attached storage with customized storage features to suit versatile requirements of SMBs in different sectors.

Our research report, “Indian CCTV Market Analysis”, gives insights on all the facets of recent technological developments in Indian scenario including strong demand for high definition IP cameras for multi-location surveillance, H.264 supporting IP equipments, and other upcoming trends. Also, recent developments in video content analysis and cloud-based surveillance are presented in the report. Also, our study reveals the growth potential of HD over coax or HDCCTV in India. Our thorough research analysis covers the end-user analysis for government, financial, and educational sectors, among others.

In the research, we have also included the geographical spread of CCTV surveillance in India. It talks about the region holding maximum share in the CCTV usage, and the geographies, wherein the market will grow in near future. Besides, the report discusses the major roadblocks to be addressed, and includes business description and recent activities of key players in the Indian CCTV market. Overall, our research entails a comprehensive analysis of the entire of CCTV market in India.

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