Islamic Banking Posing Magnificent Growth in the Middle East

Press release   •   Mar 15, 2012 11:55 IST

A new research report entitled “Middle East Banking Sector Forecast to 2013”, from RNCOS says that the Middle-East region is one of the largest Islamic banking markets in the world. Islamic banking in the region has evolved in the past decade from a niche market to an important segment of the local banking industry, and has now reached a critical mass. Islamic banking assets in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region increased to US$ 416 Billion in 2010, representing a 5-year annual growth of 20% compared to less than 9% for conventional banks. The strength of the Islamic banking has been observed even during the recessionary period with many of the Middle-Eastern countries simply remaining unaffected by financial crisis.

Our research highlights that; the accelerated development of the Islamic financial markets, supporting international Islamic financial architecture, and the trend towards greater liberalization has enhanced the integration of Islamic finance into the international financial system. Although the recent turmoil in the Middle East has contributed no favor to the local Islamic finance industry, new financial products and regulations are appearing across the region, facilitating the sector to grow mature both in the core Gulf countries and Jordan and Oman that have so far have had limited Sharia-compliant options.

The report, “Middle East Banking Sector Forecast to 2013”, by RNCOS provides extensive research and in-depth analysis on the country-wise banking sector in the Middle East, presenting information on their products and services. Besides, our report also provides a business overview of several prominent players in the industry and regulatory developments for all the countries in the ME region. As such, our report is anticipated to facilitate clients towards devising strategic investment decision. The insights presented here will help in investigating leading-edge opportunities critical to the success of the banking industry in the Middle-East countries. Detailed data and analysis is sorted to help investors, financial service providers, and global banking players to navigate through the evolving banking sector in the Middle East.

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