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Knitting Machines: An Alternative to Hand Knitting

Press Release   •   Sep 04, 2010 14:27 IST

Knitting machine is yet another invention in the world which is obsessed with making the life simpler and easier. It is an automatic machine used for knitting yarns. Since hand knitting is quite time consuming and asks for a greater man power, the people dealing in knitting business turn towards knitting machines which render more output with lesser man power.

With the growth of industrialization, knitting machine business is also flourishing at a rapid speed. It renders greater profits margins to the knitting businessmen using these machines, as it cuts the labor cost to a great extent. All one need to do is set or program the knitting machine to knit a particular pattern and wait for the machine to pour out a perfectly knitted fabric piece. It is way simpler than thought though the only thing which one has to be careful about is, to pay constant attention at the knitting machine so as to avoid any kind of tangled or slipped stitches.

The yarn thickness plays an important part in making a choice for a knitting machine. The rule in practical sense indicates that if the yarn is thicker than the working capacity of knitting machine, then it would invariably lead to the splitting of knit hooks in between the yarn. Thus, it is important for the knitter or the knitting business owners to pick the machine as per the thickness of the yarn they are planning to use. On the basis of yarn thickness or the weight of item used, knitting machine suppliers provide three different categories of knitting machines. Same are discussed as under:

Flat Bed Knitting Machine (for light weight items)

A flat bed knitting machine is characterized with small hooks placed at a distance of  .45centimeters or 4.5 millimeters. These machines are meant for thin yarns and are best for designing fairisle patterns, lace, cables etc. The yarns used for this particular knitting machine has to be baby weight or something even lighter than that. DK or sport yarn is the maximum which can be used in this machine.

Mid-Gauge Knitting Machine (for mid weight items)

A mid-gauge machine is known for producing patterns which resemble the most to hand knitting. As the name suggests, mid-gauge machines use yarns that are neither too thick nor too thin. The placement of hooks is done at a distance of .65 centimeters or 6.5 millimeters. DK and common worsted sport work the best on this machine. Though, it is advised to clarify the details with the knitting machines supplier beforehand.

Bulky Knitting Machine (for bulky items)

A bulky knitting machine is used best for knitting heavy sweaters. The hooks are placed at a distance of .9 centimeters or 9 millimeters. Knitters can play with cables and fairisle patterns on the bulky machines as these work best for such designs. One cannot use a yarn lighter than  sport or DK as they are the minimum what bulk machines can afford.

Though no knitting machine can replicate the exquisiteness of a hand knitted item but still knitting machine business is prospering day in and day out for the simple reason of meeting the requirements of a highly industrialized society where hand knitting cannot cater enough.

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