Know About Particle Board for Kitchen Cabinets

Press Release   •   Jul 01, 2013 16:22 IST

Today kitchen cabinets are either made of particle board or plywood. Each of these construction materials are ingrained with different features and advantages. It is used for various purposes apart from kitchen cabinets.

Particle boards are made of small bits, mostly saw dust, which are glued together to form a flat sheet. The surfaces of these sheets are further laminated with different types of materials such as laminated sheets to exude a sophisticated appearance. It is made available in different thicknesses and surface coatings. It can also be found in different densities. Some of these boards are coated with excellent durable materials and so it lasts for many years together. However, there are lower end products which are laminated with thermofoil, vinyl and so forth that lasts only for a short period of time.

Most of the companies use this board for construction as it lowers the production costs. It is considered to be more stable and tensile than plywood. Although most people prefer to use these boards for construction of cabinets in kitchens and other areas, it is less resistant to moisture. Cabinets and drawers made of these boards tend to warp and peel off when it is exposed to moisture, water, heat and so forth. It can be less desirable when it cracks and wraps. However, these boards are widely used for constructing most of the materials in homes and offices such as tables, cabinets and so forth.

Plywood is another notable material used for constructing various types of furniture. Plywood is basically made from veneers which are glued together into various layers to form sheets. It is available in different qualities and thicknesses. It is often coated with a plastic laminated sheet with wood grains.

Most often architects and constructers seldom use this type of wood as it tends to shrink with the passage of time. It also expands with changes in humidity. For all these reasons, plywood are considered to be unstable as it can warp and crack. The lower grade plywood is seldom used for cabinets and other accessories as it tends to degrade with the passage of time. However, the higher grade plywood is used for a wide number of purposes as it exudes a beautiful and elegant appearance.

This type of plywood is priced at a higher rate and it includes various attractive features. Hard wood is used in this plywood and it is glued together with water resistant adhesive. The edges of the plywood are strong and not void.

The higher grade plywood appears to be indestructible as it exudes a superior strength and elegance which is quite unmatchable. It readily absorbs adhesives and holds the fasteners accurately. In these varieties of construction material, the layers are arranged in an opposite direction which makes the plywood highly resistant to warping. It is even considered to be more stable than solid wood furniture. Nevertheless, both particle board and plywood is widely used in various construction fields according to its features and qualities.

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