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Press Release   •   Aug 23, 2012 10:46 IST

Cosmetic Dermatology India is one of the best Clinic offers wide range of treatments for pigmentation by an experienced dermatologist Dr Simal Soin. Their pigmentation treatments are customized depending on the kind of pigmentation present whether it is melasma, melanosis, tanning or post inflammatory following acne. If you have tried IPL, glycolic peels or other peels and have found that your pigmentation have recurred or the treatment was not successful, talk to them at Dermedica Perth about this new solution that may work on blemishes where those treatments have failed.

Skin pigmentation disorders affect the colour of the skin. Skin cells gives your skin colour by making a substance called melanin. When these cells become damaged or unhealthy, it affects melanin production. Pigmentation is deeper and is very difficult to remove. In most cases, this type of pigmentation will require long term treatment consisting of diffrent types of peels and de-pigmentation products which the patient will use at home for a certain period of time to complement the results of the peel.

Cosmetic Dermatology India provides safe, effective and painless Skin Pigmentation Treatment. Now it is possible to remove the skin blemishes and recover the smoothness of the skin. The pigmentation treatment mechanism is based on suppressing melanin formation. This is simple and pain-free treatment that has been proven to be successful overseas for many years and is now available in Perth for anyone wishing to do something about pigmentation blemishes. For more query please visit:- or mail us at:-

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