Lets check out which one can survive better - Nokia Lumia 620 vs Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Press Release   •   Feb 22, 2013 10:37 IST

Apple' is a name we mostly hear about when we talk about grabbing a handset one has been wanting to use since ever, but this is an story of those who can be categorized as die hard fan of the same company and are not even willing to even have a look at other and the various products they are coming with. To be very frank this is not the case with me, in fact i truly belive that if one restrict themselves in experimenting they might lose on the extra fun they could have reach for. And same goes in case of these various mobile manufacturers, in short unless one has actually used a product how can a person comment what they like and what they didn't liked in that particular one. Though recently many new companies have arrived, but when we talk about having a competition among the brightest and the best there are only few (like Nokia and samsung) which can compt with the same.

And looking at the list of recent products they have arrived with, there is no doubt that not only they are paying extra attention towards keeping their products in a price range reachable for all but are also trying there best to provide best possible features in the same. In past few months Nokia and samsung both have became two of the best companies (at least for me) in world of mobile technology. Therefore the idea of comparing their products sounded very much appealing to me. And to do same today we'll try our level best to compare two products ( Nokia Lumia 620 and Samsung Galaxy Ace 2) in best possible manner.

Starting with the overview or as we can mention it with the design part, Nokia mobile or Nokia lumia 620 is an windows mobile phone which is coming with a 3.8 inches screen which works on the resolution of 400 x 800 pixels and though this handset is slightly smaller then other in league but is definitely for those who love to carry same silently in their pocket.

On the other hand samsung galaxy ace 2 is coming with a smaller screen as well moving ahead with the thought of carrying it with ease, in fact if we are not wrong the screen is even smaller then Nokia one with a size of 3.5 inch on whole.

Further comparison talks about other feature these two are coming with, for example were samsung is coming with an expandable memory of 32 GB, five mega pixel camera and android v2.3 gingerbread operating system this new Nokia lumia has been updated with windows phone 8 operating system, an expandable memory up to 64 GB and a five mega pixel camera. Over all even if Nokia Lumia 620 price is a bit higher then samsung handset the same is worth to make as you first preference.

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