London Design Festival Fabricating Near Russell Square London Hotels

Press Release   •   Sep 06, 2010 15:59 IST

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London is soon to produce the London Design Festival from 18th of September to the 26th of September 2010. The venue shall be Trafalgar Square, situated close to the hotels near Russell Square. This massive and impressive exhibition will include the architectural excellence, graphics, furniture and the much more creative stuff like designed clothing, galleries of art and mammoth pieces of craft and art. The artists who will follow a display will be a few like John Pawson.

The London Design Festival will see some spectacular scenes of art from the contemporary to the something coming form the past of London city. These arts and designs reflect an aesthetic sense of art of the artist with some rare and exclusive English charm. Besides some great English displays, you can also acknowledge a lot of things related to it from the talks, seminars, parties, launches and exhibitions.

There will also be a display festival played at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Appreciate the art in a fine world with great artistic beauty.


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